Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Sweet Live Journal Friends,

How are you all weathering the busyness of the season? I've been swamped and overwhelmed and busy and happy. I just finished knitting three scarves. I'll take pictures of them for you. I'm really behind on sharing pictures. I still haven't put up the pictures from the House and Garden Television shoot we did here at our house. They're just sitting in my digital camera. I also have some more kitty pics to share.

Beau got the flu or some version of it and I've been battling something. My food has been pretty bad, lots of sweet snacking and miraculously I've not only not gained any weight, I actually lost three pounds. How is this possible? I break into the Sees Candy boxes that I bought as emergency back up presents to have on hand for people's kids or people who I care about but am not that close to and I lose weight. It's just so weird.

I started a new therapy group, a gals group. I hope it works out. I also found a trainer and just have to work up the courage to call him. The garage is almost finished and ready for us to sort through our stuff and move some of it back in. I'm still working on my Christmas card. I always stress myself out over this. One of our new baby girl rats died. So sad. We don't know why. And today I adopted another rat because I saw him at the pet store when I went to a new store to buy some dry cat food. They were taking such bad care of their poor rats that his eye infection has blinded him in both eyes and his eyes were full of blood, bastards. I just couldn't leave him there like that. We have antibiotics for rat eyes but I think I'm going to have to take him to the vet, sigh.

I went to my new pal Atra's house tonight to finish my scarves. I love my new friend and her family. Things are good. I'm getting out more. I'm loving people and liking myself. I like my body thinner. It's so much easier to do things now. I can run down my stairs and before I had to take them one at a painful time. I went through my bra and underwear drawers and was able to give away so many that they aren't a stuffed chaotic mess for the first time in five or six years. Esther is happy to have my too big cast offs. I think I'm done shopping but I never think I've bought enough and then I always want to buy just that one more thing. Like right now I want to go to this candle and soap shop online and grab a few more gifts for Scott but I just can't afford it. Oh well. We still have to decorate the tree, it never ends, but I do love this time of year.

I hope all of you guys are super happy and well. I love you -- Jacqui

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