Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Under 200 LBS, Mom Sick, Christmas Doings

I'm Finally Under 200 Lbs! Another big dream goal achieved!

I got almost all of yesterday's stuff done and I've lost another eight pounds. I don't know how I did it. I want to write it all out so I'll feel accomplished.

I went to Atra's and picked up my scarves and had tea. Atra made me cry without meaning to by telling me that when her Father discovered he had cancer it started with blood in his caca and he was gone within two months.

My Mom's been really sick, stomach and upper GI wise, for about a year now. She eats whatever she likes even though she knows she shouldn't and then she gets sick and has to come home and lie down. I feel so sorry for her and of course her out of control, little girl like, eating habits remind me a lot of myself. I'm extra worried just now because, and Lord would she kill me if she knew I was sharing this with all of you, and again I'm sure this is way TMI (too much information) but her stool, (hate that word -- think I'll go back to caca), has turned black which means she has some kind of bleeding going on internally. Because of the color it's most likely in her upper GI tract. I had looked this up on the net just to kind of calm us both down until she can get in to see her doctor on Monday and there was no mention of cancer, the more serious possibilities being tears of the esophagus, gastritis and ulcers, with the least serious being consumption of copious quantities of blueberries, or iron or Pepto Bismol. We ruled out the later and settled on it probably being one of the former repairable causes but I had been relieved when there wasn't any mention of cancer anywhere. Now I'm worried again because Mom had cancer just a year ago, lung cancer, and beat it -- the little Fuckers, and so many of the people I love and have loved have had it, so I freaked, for a moment or ten, and now I'm back to trusting in God and the universe.

After visiting Atra and her incredibly sweet family, (I really mean this, at one point Atra and I came out of a bedroom to find her two adult children hugging each other and just kind of swaying sweetly in an embrace. I don't know about you but I haven't seen a twenty-something year old brother and sister being this sweetly loving before and it really touched my soul), I drove over to Mom's, dealt with Rosa who I am as always pissed off at because she's forever interfering, God I wish my Mom would let her go, this time she's slyly opposing Mom's having agreed to allow my assistant/housekeeper/friend Irma stay in this kind of split level basement room area that is only used for my storage for just a little while, while she looks for a place to live, and then I went and visited with my Mom for a while. Rosa is the kind of person who will always tell you whatever she thinks you want to hear to your face and then say something completely different and work against you behind your back. I honestly don't know how to deal with her. I just mentioned to her the other day how kind it was of Mom to offer to allow Irma and her kids to stay there when they were in such desperate straights and the monster said, "Oh that's so nice," to me and then went behind my back and tried to talk Mom out of it. She needn't worry because Irma doesn't want to take us up on our offer because she doesn't want to have any problems with Rosa, the monster. But of course I'm still giving her equally creepy thirteen year old son, who she is now involving in her sneakiness by having him listen in on all of my phone conversations with my Mom, two really good presents for Christmas, blah.

Anyway after Mom's I went to the super crowded toy store and got lots of loving and compliments from the people there which was really nice and overwhelming. Then I went to Mailboxes, Etc., and stood next to Meg Ryan who was sending something in an envelope Fedex. I've seen her before and she has a very self protective vibe -- she definitely keeps to herself, it was weird. All the guys at the store looked up and greeted me warmly and made comments about my weight loss which made Meg look over. The whole thing was kind of surreal.

After Mailboxes I went to the Pet Store and bought some pet beds and sweaters for the dogs. Then I went to the market and got some generic chocolate presents to have on hand for emergency gift trading and a big glass bowl filled with chocolate coins for the sweet ladies at the nail salon. I bought champagne for Scott to give to Atar and Atra and then I went to the nail salon, the bikini waxing place and the knit store. Oh and I stopped in to a store just to check out their skinny scarves, the ones that I've been making and that the stores are selling for 150.00.

After all of that I went to Century City, met Scott, had dinner and helped him do his shopping at Bloomies. Then we went to see Love Actually which I adored. I laughed so much. There were three people in front of us who got into a fight about it after the movie. Two of them had loved the film and had laughed as loudly as I did throughout while the third person, a young woman, hated it and thought it was stupid so they argued loudly all the way out of the theatre and down the escalator and into the parking lot. It was so funny listening to them. I'm sorry but the idea of Billie Bob as the president with Bad Santa playing concurrently was so absurdly funny that I laughed out loud for the longest time.

Today I checked in on Mom and did a lot of wrapping and sorting. Now I'm off to continue working on my Christmas collage card and have my little weird cheese and cracker dinner.

Oh and I bought an electric guitar for Beau for Christmas on eBay and the guy who sold it to us sent the wrong color and forgot to include the amp and all of the accessories that he advertised as being included with the auction. I've written to him and called him and his phone is disconnected. He has eight negs out of a mere one hundred and forty auctions and I was worrying about my four out of over two thousand, three of which were totally unfair.

How about you?


PS: Here's a beautiful dress of my Grandmother's that I would love to buy. I don't post these any more here since getting an e-mail from one of my Live Journal "friends" who said she would have no problem bidding against me if she wanted something I listed, ouch. I wised up over that one. Anyway the reserve on this is 400.00 and I just can't afford to keep buying these dresses at these inflated prices, sad.

PS: This is our new blind rat who we have nicknamed Sticky Pinky for now because we have a Pinky and this little guy is so bald he's sticky.

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