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Holiday Cards, Mars Beagle, The Forsyte Saga, Kids and Guitars, Pene VS Peine.

Hello My Journal Darlings,

I actually finished my long overdue holiday cards, phew! *Jacqui wipes the perfectionistic, creative, flop sweat from her brow.* Now it remains to take then to Kinko's, get them reduced to the size of their envelopes, color copy them double sided, cut them out, punch holes in their corners, attach yarn, address the envelopes and mail the little buggers out. I don't know why I was so behind this year. I thought I was better about this last year, but maybe not. I'd have to look at my old journal entries to see and I just don't have the time.

I'm still fighting this chest sinus thing that I've had since before Thanksgiving. Mom's pneumonia is clearing up thanks to antibiotics. I swear I think she would have died without them, so many of us would. I've had infections and things I seriously doubt I could have pulled through with them. We're very lucky to be living today and yet a part of me always yearns to live in the past.

I watched The Forsyte Saga on Masterpiece Theatre last night and even though things are so rigid and codified and totally unfair to women and the lower classes, I still want to go back there and live a fantasy version of the kind of life you could actually lead back then. I felt the same way when I watched Manor House.

I've been following the progress of the Beagle and am so disappointed in the lack of communication between the little lander and the main craft, the Mars Express, I think it's called. I feel so sorry for all of the people involved in the project, they must be pulling their hair out. Imagine the expense and the hope and disappointment, so many people's careers riding on the success of this. I know Richard Hoagland will be all over this. Here are some links in case you're interested. Some of them haven't been updated but if you don't have them they're good to have.

Beagle Information
The Enterprise Mission
Coast to Coast - Land of Art Bell and George Noory

Beau is loving the electric guitar he got for Christmas. His friend Steven came over with his base and his amp the day before yesterday and they've hardly stopped playing together since. I told them they could go play as loud as they like in the garage and they took me up on it. Now I'm worrying my neighbors are going to freak -- thank God Karyn is away in Hawaii or I'm sure she would have called me by now.

It's so much fun though, listening to them, they sound so good together -- the base and the lead -- I think it sounds great, but because they're just thirteen I still have to keep an eye on them. They took little Jacqui's, (she keeps changing the spelling of her name -- one day it looks like mine and then the next it changes to something else, I don't care how she spells it I just wish she'd make up her mind), box of See's candies out to the garage with them and went wild biting them open and pelting them at the garage door when they turned out to be a flavor they didn't like. I'd hear, waaaa, waaaa, waaaaa, waaaa, waaaa, waaaaa, blam (that would be the sound of the candy) waaaa, waaaa, waaa, waaaa waaaa waaa, blam, blam.

Finally at ten last night I had to put a stop to it for the sake of my grumpy, elderly, non garage-band-loving neighbors, (I swear I am living in the wrong neighborhood but everyone tells me that, especially you Miss Mary), but bright and early this morning they were back out there playing away again. I told Beau I would take him to Best Buys and buy him whatever games he wanted and he's completely forgotten, imagine that.

BTW Steven told Beau that his new guitar cost ten grand, which sounded wildly expensive to me, considering Beau's only cost three hundred and Steven's Mom Beth is always struggling with money, but her boyfriend Tim is a major recording engineer and tours with Pink Floyd and God knows how many other bands and it is a Fender so who knew. Then last night when I was on the phone with Beth I asked her if Steven's guitar had cost 10K and she thought that was so funny that she repeated this out loud for her boyfriend to hear and they both roared with laughter. Guess that settles that, Fender or not.

Big Happy New Year Hugs To You and Yours From Your Rotten Pal Who Never Has the Time to Visit Your Journals But Wants To, Waaaaa,

PS: Irma and Esther are always laughing at me because I pronounce comb the way they say penis. In Spanish comb is spelled peine and penis is spelled pene and they sound the same to me so when I'm asking for a brush they think I'm asking them to bring me a penis and they always come back laughing and say, "Here it is, here's your penis."

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