Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Happy New Year to all of you, my darling, darling, darling Live Journal friends!

I have so many New Year's resolutions and like everyone else they are always the same every year; to lose weight, get fit, organize my life and home, be a better parent, daughter, lover and friend, and to just improve my life and the lives of those around me as well. Then there are the smaller and more specific goals like oh, jump starting my career and winning an Academy Award, that kind of thing.

I got up this morning, went to the bathroom, I'm always going to the bathroom -- with Interstitial Cystitis I practically live in there, no seriously, I have a library in my bathroom with dozens of books and hundreds of magazines -- then on the way back to bed I bent down and pet and scratched all my loudly purring and leg nuzzling cats. I thought about getting up and getting started but then decided I should just crawl back under the covers and give my cuddle bunnies some quality time. So we lay there listening to the rain, purring, kissing, snuffling and petting. It was wonderful.

I'm doing the usual sorting and shuffling of papers, be a good girl, despite the constant spider webbing of my mind, errandy, phone calling and get it done, hope to be organized stuff. I'm moving all of my many receipts from the plastic shoe box drawers behind me to paper shoe boxes that I'll label and put away somewhere. I wonder if this is how madness progresses, if people who end up in houses with crap piled to the ceiling and animals crawling over every available surface began, with good intentions but a complete inability to sustain these good intentions -- to keep the end goal in mind and continue progressing towards it. What am I saying, my house is already piled to the ceiling with stuff and there are animals covering every available surface. Ah well my only comfort in this is that I think there is this link between creativity, sensitivity, madness and genius, so if I'm mad I'm in good company.

My newish Dell computer is making funny noises, my warning sign that I should hurry up and back up my data before the damned thing crashes in some horrible grinding down of it's little internal bits and pieces. I'll call my friend Ron, the computer man, and beg him for help. In a strange and lovely confluence of events, it turns out that his mother is indeed friends with a friend of my new friends down the street. It's a small Persian world and I'm loving it. Now if this woman, my friend Ron's mother, turns out the be the same Majin who is my new bikini waxer (this happens to be the name they both share and his mother is an esthetician, but Majin is super common and a lot like the name Mary is for us), then I'll really freak out.

And this is one of the ugliest paintings I've seen on eBay,, man is it ugly, look at the little girl's face. It's so ugly that I thought I'd share it with you : ) Now I'm wondering if it's ugly enough, heh.

I'm reading Chuck Palahniuk's, (Fight Club), latest book, Diary: A Novel, and I'm enjoying it. It's about a tortured artist and the artistic process so no wonder I love it. I'm finding it quirky, fun, informative, mean and a speedy read.

I bought a lot of British Masterpiece Theatrey DVDs and tapes for myself for Christmas. It was fun indulging myself for Christmas, I bought socks, makeup, jewelry, clothes, much fun. Anyway I just finished watching The Mill On The Floss because I love Emily Watson and it was written by George Elliot, who I am ashamed to admit I never knew was a woman. It was so sad and the ending was just awful but anything with Emily Watson is worth seeing as is almost anything produced by Masterpiece Theatre.

I've been busily paying auctions and putting things in order here in my office. Now I get to take my sluggy self back to my bedroom where I'll have my dinner, yeay, then knit and watch some more television and hang out with the kitties some more.

Okay off I go. Love you guys, Jac

PS: What's the deal with the Michael Jackson happy, happy, groovy big life retrospective thing on TV tonight? It's weird, you'd think he just died or won some major life achievement award instead of being arrested. I feel like I'm watching some kind of PR rebuild. I so hope it isn't true, that he isn't a pedophile, but if he is I hope he finds help and peace and forgiveness.

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