Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Darlings,

I'm sorry I haven't been able to check in. I've been fighting another flu cold virusy thing and have had to spend a few days in bed. I miss you, I miss my Mother, I miss movies and I miss sex, not necessarily in that order ; )

I'm just sitting here for a minute visiting with my rats and writing to you before I go to my room to have dinner, watch some TV and catch up some knitting. I did a very dumb thing and stayed up past three last night, or this morning, watching a DVD, (Daniel Deronda -- I can't seem to get away from George Eliot, she keeps showing up on my TV and in my books, weird), I could have watched any time but once I started watching it last night, it was so compelling I couldn't stop and stayed up to watch the whole thing. I love British Masterpiece theatre type programs, just love 'em.

You should see my cute little girlie rat -- the one we adopted when we were in Palm Desert over Thanksgiving. She's so pretty, all beige and creamy colored and so soft. She's getting used to me, figuring out that I'm nice and safe and won't harm her. I'm thinking of calling her Ling for Rat-Ling.

I went to my new women's therapy group today and it was pretty terrific, fabulous even. God they, the women and Susan, were so supportive, and they're such amazing people, I just want to scoop them all up and cuddle them. Women are amazing, just gotta say that.

Hello Rat-Ling crawling on my keyboard. She weighs so little she doesn't even disturb the keys.

I'm worried about Tea-Tea, (our last and littlest kitten), she's really congested, sneezy, and her eyes look awful. We're giving her subcutaneous fluids, vitamins, antibiotics, anti-vomiting meds, Interferon, and lots of nice warm steam and she's still tiny and sickly. Where before I kept my heart guarded against her dying, now I am fully invested in her living with us forever and it would be a terrible loss if she didn't make it. Send some energy Tea-Tea's way will you please?

Oh Miss Rat has discovered an old bag of peanut butter pretzels and...is passing up on them, odd. Now she's climbed to the second shelf on my desk and nope she's back down and is scaling my Eiffel Tower lamp and is back at the pretzel bag and just ran across the keys. She's fast, (t9h9is <<< that was her), this little one. Now she's on my shoulder and now she is on my head. It's so funny that people are afraid of rats and think I'm weird for loving them, they're the best, like little pocket cats without the claws.

I went compulsive shopping today because I got super stirred up in therapy. I talked about why I overeat and do compulsive things, that it's a response to this deep loneliness and pain that I feel. Everyone was so kind and supportive but I still wanted to go shopping. I bought books at the Barnes and Noble and had lunch at an Italian restaurant, Rosti, read an interview with Nicole Kidman, and then went to an antique mall and like a little Magpie, attracted by all the pretty shiny things, bought rhinestone jewelry and toy horses for my friend Jen. What if she hates horsey toys and things? I don't know, I couldn't resist, they looked so cute sitting in their little wooden 1950s horsey stable and they seemed to be calling out to me, "Hey, you should buy us for Jen."

I also went to Atra's and hung out with the girls. I love going over there. Atra, her sister and her mom and I all sat in the den and wound yarn into balls. Atra cast on my new scarf project for me. Tomorrow I'm going to take her to a couple of stores to round up some payments she should have received by now for knitting she already did for people. One lady wants her to make a poncho for Elizabeth Taylor. That would be so great if it worked out for her.

Bwa ha ha, Ling just did a complete Cirque du Soleil acrobatic move for me. She backflipped off of my shelves and then did it again. Now she's balancing on the edge of my pencil cup.

Okay I think I should get going. I'm a wee bit worried about my Beau-i-o. I came home and called out to him but he didn't answer. I don't know where he is. He isn't answering his cell phone or the house phone or IMs. Could he have fallen asleep in his room? I'm going to put this little girlie rat back in her aquarium and go see, I won't be comfortable until I'm sure he's safe.

What does this say? Scotty?

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