Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hey Everybody,

I'm feeling a little better today. I actually got a little bit of exercise yesterday. Beau and I bought one of those weird scooter things that you have to kind of shoosh ski on to get going. It was fun riding around on it, or trying to ride it around, the neighborhood with all of Irma's kids. Afterwards I came upstairs and I felt so good from having just gone out and moved my body that I went crazy dancing in front of the TV. Weird how exercising, even when you're tired, gives you more energy. I know this and yet I always think it would work the other way.

Irma took some of my rat friends to the vet today. Pinky still has ratty pneumonia and Sticky Pinky needed to be seen but he freaked out when they took him out to weigh him and scratched himself up and tore off one of his nails, poor baby. Creamy is getting a mite shot.

I had a minor fight with Scott on the phone but he called back to make amends and patch things up, thank God. It was one of those stupid long term irritating issue things. Like a lot of people he has trouble just hanging with my feelings when something small he does upsets me. All I need is for him to just hang out with me for a bit, act like he cares about what is going on for me more than he cares about defending himself, but it rarely goes that way. I'm in such a rush and I just don't have the time to go into it.

I have so many errands that have been left undone from weeks of being sick. The main one I want to take care of is going to the Santa Monica Antique Mall to pay my deposit for the space I'm going to rent. If you were reading my journal a couple of years ago I would have been writing about how much I wanted to get out of there, but new management and a new me might make this work this time. I've been all over the Internet looking up numerology sites and I'm taking my new feng shui book that Scott bought for me over to the mall so I can pick the most auspicious case. I had to choose between a six and an eight and since eight is about money and financial success I'm going to pick the eight, if it's still available. What I'm worrying about now is whether today is a good day to start a new business and I can't find that out anywhere. Today is a two and my life path number is a five, hmmmm....

I know this all sounds silly to some of you but I really believe in numerology, tarot, astrology and feng shui.

Omnia in numeris sita sunt
(Everything lies veiled in numbers)

I was browsing my friend Melissa's journal and sites and one of her friend's is into Diana cameras. I got so excited about using one that I bought one on eBay. Diana's are like the original older plastic toy cousin to the Lomos. If you do a search for Diana and camera you can find some galleries. I can't wait to get it and take some pictures for you.

I owe all of you a visit and will get on this ASAP.

Meanwhile I have errands, some mundane and some fun. I'm going to buy some small canvases to see if I can do something fun with my old nail polish. I'm also going to get a soldering tool so I can work on a jewelry project I've had in my head forever. Those are the fun errandys. Okay off I go.

Love you guys,

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