Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everyone,

I'm up late but I need to go to sleep, so after I write to you I'll grab my little unnamed black kitty companion, the kitty who is sitting on my scanner, and head for bed. He was sitting in the hammock that my nightgown was making between my legs but I shifted and he slipped through and made a thump on the floor when he landed, poor little guy.

I'm up late because I had to help my poor stressed out little man finish his homework. He missed some school and fell behind and he just can't catch up. His spanish teacher has described him as "being in a fog," great. Beau came home so depressed and anxious today and couldn't talk about it for the longest time. When he gets upset I get upset, same with Scott or anyone I love really. I'm so codependent in that way. Anyway Beau needed help with his homework so I helped him out until it was so late that I sent him to bed and I finished it for him.

We had fun making abstract nail polish art. I'd been wanting to do this for so long. Whatever I buy I buy way too much of so when blue and green polish was popular here a couple of years ago I started buying it like crazy. I wound up with too many bottles of it and I knew I would never use it all and didn't like the idea of all of what are essentially enamel paints going to waste so I thought I'd just buy some canvas, pour them on them and swirl them around a little.

Beau needed to make some kind of art that's inspired by this series of Japanese anime/manga books that he read over the break so we made landscapes with ghosts, a daytime landscape with silvery ghosts and a spookier darker night time one with darker grey ghosts. I think they look pretty cool.

I was inspired by this artist in Hawaii who makes these really pretty abstract swirly enamel pieces. They're super shiny and attractive. He makes them with enamel paints and swirls them around and sprinkles in metallic pigment and sparkly bits. I thought maybe I could do something like that. Unlike other artists whose work is too fragile to play with, he actually encourages you to touch his paintings which is fun. Anyway we made four pieces and they look good. I'll scan them one of these days.

I owe you so many scans; there's my holiday collage card, (Oh Azalia, I think it was Azalia, I forgot to write back to you, yes of course you can still send me a card.) and all of my knit scarves and my hat and pictures I've taken but not shared.

Okay off I go to my stinky nail polishy smelling room. Oh and how dare KFI change the Coast to Coast air time schedule. What are they thinking? I've been a loyal listener for eight years and have patiently endured all of the changes the show has gone through, but pushing the start time from ten to one is going to be a real lonely hardship for me. I'm super mad at them.

Big sleepy late night hugs,

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