Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is what Sparkle looks like but with slightly crossed eyes.

So I come home tonight after lugging Beau around on errands; it turns out his cell phone isn't working because he dropped both it and the charger it was plugged into, into a bowl full of cereal, (Verizon doesn't replace phones that are dropped into cereal or toilets as it turns out and we have to order a replacement from the insurance company I was wise enough to take out a policy with), then we waited for ages while cute young boys seriously took their time fiddling around with tiny little wrenches and guitar strings at West LA Music Center, a scuzzy old man, reeking of the beer he had cleverly transferred to a diet coke can, asked me if I wanted to buy a vibrator, a vibrator, (I told him I was covered on that front), and Beau yanked at my brand new hard won vintage crystal necklace, breaking the delicate little sterling chain and scattered dozens of pretty faceted crystal beads all over the floor, we walk in the door and within minutes Beau is whining and complaining and calling Esther and Irma hurtful and offensive names for having dared to clean his room, I pop two Tylenol and sit down on my bed to face my weird little cheese and crackers dinner and the fear and panic that I may be all done losing weight and climbing my way back up to three hundred plus pounds when my beloved Sparkle Kitty walks over to me and throws up a stomach full of blood all over my lap.

In all my years of caring for cats I've never had one of my little friends throw up blood like this. Blood and blood clots. It was so scary. I scooped him up and ran for the car and zoomed over to the emergency animal hospital, pausing just long enough to tell Beau off for being such a jerk about his room. Anyway it doesn't look like he swallowed anything dangerous and they think he may just be having a really strong reaction to the antibiotics he was taking. I'll call to get the results of his blood tests as soon as I finish posting this. Eight hundred dollars and one set of x-rays later I'm finally back home trying to catch up on my eBay auctions and e-mail. Fuck. I am so having a cup of tea. Who knew that at this late age I would finally take comfort in tea? Thank God, India, China, Britain and Atra for small comforts. Plus there's a show about Ostriches on, I get to watch that.

Needless to say there weren't a lot of people making love over here at my house tonight, unless you count the rats. Scott had a sore throat and since he has to perform tomorrow night, he bowed out. Just as well since he would have wound up accompanying me to the vet.

Oh and I can't figure out how to get all of the shows on HBO to stop speaking in Spanish. I tried to watch Sex and the City last night and the whole thing took on this weird Latin slant because "someone" switched the language settings on my TV and none of us can figure out how to switch them back. Oh well, it's pretty funny listening to Carrie and the girls speaking Spanish. You should hear how weird Baryshnikov sounds, kind of like Phil Hendrie saying, "La la la la la la la."

Please will you say a prayer or send some positive energy for my sweet super special toy fetching cross eyed shy black Oriental Short Hair Kitty Sparkle? I love him so much.


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