Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

So here before I collapse in bed for the night are some before and after shots for your perusal. I actually have some better befores but they're just too big to post here and I don't have a drop of energy left to edit them or I'd put them up for you.

I've shared this one before. Lovely aint it?

This is the worst picture I have ever seen of myself. I can't believe I'm about to share it with you. This is what it was like just before my surgery. I had gotten so fat I didn't feel like getting out of bed and would sit around playing Animal Crossing on Game Cube. That's my beloved Irma standing next to me, she's lost weight too : )

I know I'm still big but when you've grown out of the biggest size at Lane Bryant and worn a size 32 being able to squeeze into a 14 is a big deal.

These were my favorite and most comfortable pants. I saved them just so I could take a picture like this. I'm standing in just one of the legs. I had to hop into place and almost fell over. Look how top heavy I am though. I am in such serious need of a boob job. It was really hard doing this, not only taking the pictures but then having to look at them while I edited them.

I'm going to put the rest of today's after shots here behind the cut for people with slower browsers or tiny windows : ) Come see I've got a picture of my dog Lulu here licking my face.

Here I am with my Beau-i-o. He rarely smiles in pictures but he put up with me for a bit and took a couple of shots with me. I thought better of this hoody after taking pictures in it. It actually makes me look a bit bigger than I am because it's so thick and bulky.

Hey look I'm smiling while taking a picture. I look so happy but unfortunately right now I'm looking at my droopy boobs and my saggy stomach, oh well, I'm optimistic about all of this, optimistic, hopeful and grateful. My friend Atra's Mom gave me this sweater so I would start wearing tighter things. I'm so not used to that. A friend of hers knit it.

Here are our two littlest dogs, Alley and Lulu. Lulu is a wild woman, seriously, she never settles down. I wish I could have got her to look at the camera for once second so you could see her cute face.

Well, that's it for tonight. I'm off for bed. Hope I didn't crash any browsers. Hugs. Jacqui

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