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Pal With Disabilities Needs Laptop

Hi Everyone,

My friend Annina here on Live Journal is in need. Like me she has fibromyalgia and is in constant chronic pain but she also has Lupus and debilitating arthritis in her hands. One of her greatest joys is writing, but she is stuck in bed feeling rotten and needs a laptop in order to write, (writing by hand hurts too much), any old laptop that will run a word processing program will do. Knowing how hard it was for her to put this out on her journal I thought I'd help her out by pasting her recent journal post here to see if any of my friends or friends of friends might be able to help. Somewhere out there there just might be a lonely unused laptop that needs a home.

06:00 pm - Please forgive me posting this again...amended version
I have a need... (slightly amended)
Okay...here's the deal. I have a perfectly good if somewhat outdated computer with all the peripherals in a room dedicated to computing, writing, and research. It also used to house Chris' computer until that died an ignoble death. Now all three of us use my computer.

Anyhoo, my mobility or lack thereof has reached the state where I'm doing good if I manage to crip into the computer room more than three days a week. Since the 'puter is being shared with my son and husband, and the lupus/fibromyalgia/osteoarthritis/etc. have me spending more and more time in bed, my writing output has ground to a virtual standstill. The advanced arthritis in my hands has made holding a pen and writing by hand painful, which is discouraging, but (thank God) I can still type with relatively little pain.

The obvious solution is a laptop, and I had an old 386 running Windows 3.1 that sufficed for my writing needs until that venerable oldster bit the big one around Christmas time. That used to give me an alternative to TV or reading when I was stuck in bed, and since handwriting is a trial at best, it's very frustrating when I get an idea for a writing project and can't get to the big computer. For the record, I am a published writer and editor, not a wannabe. You can read a sampling of my published and unpublished work at: annina.tk

And I'm thinking, somewhere someone has to have an old laptop clunking around in a drawer that is either too slow for the Internet or doesn't even have a modem. As long as it has a CD drive so I can install Win 98 or maybe NT, it doesn't matter that it isn't Internet-worthy. I just want to spew out verbiage that can later be transferred to my Compac Presario and printed out or emailed to publishers. At the moment I'm not taking on any assigned writing projects because of my computer access problems. Taking on a deadline and then going down for the count and into bed won't get me repeat assignments if I can't meet the deadline. There may be screenwriters in Hollywood who find a lot of repeat assignments by getting into bed, but that's a whole other story. [grin]

My problem, like just about everybody else I know, is money. We are on the tightest budget of our 27+ years of married life right now, saving to buy a car, then replace the savings we used up getting Chris his accounting degree and in two failed business attempts. He's not even working as an accountant right now, for a variety of reasons, most of them having to do with nepotism and age discrimination, but the bottom line is that we have virtually no disposable income at the moment. I could barter with a variety of crafts...jewelry, high-fired ceramics, handmade dolls, or even my writing (fiction, non-fiction, or poetry...your choice of project)...but no gots dinero,. [sigh]

Any takers? Do you know someone who has an old laptop who might want to help an overweight but talented, crippled writer when she's stuck in bed with her "malady-of-the-month club?"

I'm not comfortable doing this...but as my mother always says with her brand of forehead-slapping common sense, "How will people know you need help if you don't tell them!"

So spread the word, if you care to help, or if you know of a group that helps disabled persons with computer access, please let me know. Perhaps a tiny miracle will help get me back to my great love and my profession...writing.

Thanks and hugs to all my LJ friends!

-Annina [annina1 at cox dot net] <--- you know how to write this correctly; this is just to avoid those email-mining spammers getting it. If somebody has cut and pasted this LiveJournal entry and emailed it to you, please do not contact me after August, 2004. I should have found a solution to my problem by then. THANKS for your kind consideration!
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