Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Okay here's my dream.

I dreamt that I was with my old friend Lorraine who abandoned me again, only in the dream we were together, and we had rented an apartment, but it was more like a kind of huge storage container on the outside. On the inside it was too big to be a container but it was crappy and industrial.

It is moving day and we have to get our stuff out of here ASAP. I am so worried that we won't be able to pack it all, in time. She has packed up her stuff pretty quickly but won't help me with mine. She does something mean to me, not majorly mean, but insensitive and upsetting, like squirting me in the face or something. I am panicking. I think there is no way we can get this done in time. The moving van will be here any minute.

We have only been renting this place for a few months. It was in really bad shape when we moved in. The people before us were kind of white trashy, split in a hurry, and left a bunch of stuff. The mean, greedy landlady told us we could keep it, but instead I saved it for them. Their kids left some of their childhood toys and memorabilia, photos and notes and things. They also left an antique stove and a couple of pieces of furniture.

Everyone seems to be moving from this area at the same time. The old tenants come by. I think they are just trying to make sure that when we move out, they won't be charged by the landlady for the huge mess they left behind. The father tells me that he wants to come in and clean up the stains where he used to park his car, so he wants me to pack all my stuff in that area right away.

The owners of the place come, a man and a woman. The woman is very white trash, bad hair and cigarettes. The man is slight and Asian. They are going over everything and blaming me for things I didn't do. The shower has a major plumbing problem. They ask me if I knew about it. I tell them that whenever I used to turn the water on, the pipes shimmied a bit, but I never complained because I didn't want to make waves. They use this against me and build a case for my having messed up the shower.

The girls who used to live here come in. They are so happy and grateful and amazed that anyone would be kind enough to strangers to so carefully save all of their childhood mementos and things.

Later, I am outside and the landlord is trying to figure out how much money to reimburse me. He is going over papers and figures. He calls my old friend $%#, who is a major, major, actor and director. In real life I have been too shy to contact him since the last time I saw him. The landlord is asking him to confirm that I did play a certain role and earned a certain amount of money. I mouth to the landlord to tell $%# that I love him. He hands me the phone and I am so happy and relieved to be speaking with him again. I tell him how much I've missed him and how much I love his acting and his last movie. It wasn't a big hit because I think it went over people's heads, well people who don't care or understand about theatre. I tell him how much I loved Cherry Jones and how great I thought it was. He is so nice to me. I tell him that I am having a party, I talk to him about my son Beau. We have a great conversation and it is healing to be able to reconnect with him after so much time has gone by.

There were a lot of models in this dream as well. I remember driving around an asphalt school yard with I think my mother and telling her the names of all of my model school friends. Kate Moss is there and Giselle and so many others. I think I am such a freak compared to them, I am amazed that they are friendly and kind to me.

Thanks for wading through my mind with me.

; )

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