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This silk ribbon and embroidery thread wants to come home with me. It wants to live in my newish studio garage and help make the things that I am selling in my antique case at the mall look prettier. I already bought some really pretty ribbons at a store today and think I should use that up first.

I had a good day today even though I was and still am completely exhausted. I promised my friend Atra that I would take her sweet Mommy, (a woman who is so appealing, so totally adorable and easy to love that there is just no way I can say no to her, well, not easily anyway), to garage sales today. Knowing that I would have to get up at 6:30 in order to pick her up by 7:00 I undermined the whole plan by staying up as late as possible finally falling asleep around 3:30 in the morning, but as luck would have it, one of m many cats, barfed right across my feet that just happened to be sticking out of the blanket, (sorry but I just can't write the word blanket without thinking of Michael Jackson's having named his youngest son Blanket, I can't be one of the only people to find this extremely weird, can I?) waking me up just in time.

I threw on some clothes. God, it feels good to finally, after all of these many years, be able to put on jeans, wow, and a green cashmere pull over, rush through a wash cloth bath, toss on a bit of makeup, brush up my hair in a ponytail and head out the door. Atra and her Mommy made me have some tea and bread with jam because they are just so sweet and hospitable that way -- they never let me leave their home without feeding me something, and then we headed out the door on our garage sailing adventures.

It was raining here in LA so it wasn't the best weekend for sales but we found some fun things nevertheless. The first sale we hit was a funky alley sale in Santa Monica. We had to stand around in the light rain for a few minutes before the funky weirdish guy threw open his tiny garage with a flourish saying, "Tada! The wonderful garage sale!" To which Atra had the balls to reply, "Tada! Nothing!" She's so much braver and more direct with people than I am. I told her that she reminds me of the expression, I think it was Shakespeare, "Doesn't suffer fools gladly." I don't know if I explained this well enough because we have this whole language barrier thing going on, but we do really well considering.

Next we went to an indoor Catholic School rummage sale. This is where my ex little sister-in-law went to high school, along with her very first boyfriend who later became a super famous basketball player who was murdered along with his girlfriend by his brother who then assumed his identity. God, life can be weird and sad sometimes. Anyway Atra and her Mom found some cute little knick knacks that thrilled them and I found some more hardback romance novels to add to the pile of books that my Mom will never ever be able to get through.

After the rummage sale we just happened by another odd little garage sale and I was thrilled to find two great old chalkware religious statues, two saints. They're probably from the fifties and are terrifically chippy and faded. I think Atra and her Mom must have thought I was nuts buying these funny old chippy statues, but they don't get it yet. I'm trying to expose them to the whole It Should Be Way Over By Now But Still Isn't Shabby Chic phenomena. I even took them to the original/main store on Montana today and showed them Rachel Ashwell's books. Now I just have to decide whether I can bear to part with them or not. I love old saint statues, store mannequins, and advertising signs. I think they add this sense of quirky whimsy to things. I just recently bought a green and white golf course sign that I've hung from my front gate that lists the hours that we're open. This ought to drive my super conservative neighbors mad. They hate when I do anything offbeat, they're definitely not fans of the big two story swimming pool lifeguard's chair and the big cow.

Later we had brunch at a little French restaurant that I like -- we had crepes, and then afterwards we went to my antique mall and they insisted on buying something from me because they believe it will bring me luck -- so so sweet of them. Then we went back to their house, had more tea -- my bladder is on fire, (I have Interstitial Cystitis a super painful incurable bladder disease, weee), from all of the caffeine, and I finally took my leave. Then I went to the bank, the market, the bookstore to buy books for Beau and Esther's daughter Andrea who's birthday was today. I bought a couple of Kama Sutra books and some cool cards and things. There was an author signing copies of a new book about the life of Woody Guthrie, but instead of buying what is probably a much more living and soul fueling book I bought a signed copy of Joe Eszterhas' book Hollywood Animal and Scott and I read a little bit of it to each other tonight.

I bought a stuffed Buddha bone toy and some Greenie dental bones for my dogs and for some dog friends. I stopped by a favorite store, Grace Home, to give Grace, their dog, these treats, but sadly she wasn't there. I love Grace. I also went to our local bakery, which I kind of love doing lately, there's something comforting about the ritual of going there, I guess it's my version of going to Starbucks. I get my Earl Grey tea and a treat of some kind, I chat with my friends who work there and it feels good. Afterwards I got a pedicure, a manicure and a massage and after all of that I managed to come home, drop off some things at Atra's, give Andrea her birthday presents, clean up my room and myself, put on some more makeup, perfume, and sweet tasting body powder, light some candles and wait for my Scotty. I don't know how I pulled all of this off on three hours of sleep. I don't understand how people do this regularly, it's so hard.

The rain sounds so beautiful as it patters against the skylights above my bed and on the roof. I am trying not to think of all the boxes of things we took out of the garage and that are now sitting out in the back yard exposed to the elements with only thin blue plastic tarps to protect them.

Okay well, I just wanted to kind of log in with a more traditional -- what I did today -- kind of entry. And how are all of you?

Love you,


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