Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I so wish I could afford this. I have a thing about single eyes in jewelry and buttons. Maybe I should just make me own somehow. But it sure would be nice if some wealthy person would just whip out a thousand dollars and buy this eye ring for me, yep.

Saddest thing I heard today; When Natalie Wood was a little girl and went on her first audition her ruthlessly ambitious stage mother brought along a little buttefly in a glass jar. Just before a scene where they wanted the little Natalie to cry, her mother ripped the wings off of the butterfly. She cried and got the part. Horrible.

We had so much dental work done today and survived it. But boy is my little man Beau an alert little being. On Valium, with the nitrous turned up to Ozzy levels, seriously, with video glasses on his head and so much novocaine the dentist said he wouldn't be able to give him any more, he was still totally awake and aware of everything that was going on around him -- wouldn't let me leave the room for a second, not even to pee. He's happy now though that it's all over.

I so need to sleep.

Love you,

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