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I just wanted to say hello. I'm in overwhelmed mode, as usual. "Someone" put a rusty nail in my Mom's water jug, the closed carafe that she keeps in her bathroom to pour into her water glass. I don't know if Rosa did it for some weird, freaky South American voodoo reason, if she was trying to kill her, if she was just trying to get a little more iron in her diet, or if it was an accident. Ya know when a person gives you more than enough reason not to trust her every little thing that happens will make you wonder. I think when you reach this level with an employee, whatever the reason is, it's time to let them go, but Mom has taken this out of my hands because I'm the black overspending sheep of the family. It's just scary and there's not a single thing I can do about it.

Money is at an all time low for me this week and I'm running around on my own little mind wheel trying to figure out how to get back in the game and make my own money again.

Beau broke off another chunk of his already broken tooth yesterday and our wonderful dentist kindly came in just to see him today.

Our new housekeeper is going to be working on her own here for the first time tomorrow. She seems really sweet but I'm having trust issues. I don't even wanna touch the fact that Irma's going to be leaving in just a few short days. I bought a little split it in half I Love You charm from a friend to give to her.

Tomorrow is Atra's Mom's birthday and I'm putting together her gift; a big canvas big with her initial on it -- I'm filling it with a bright fuschia chenille scarf/shawl, a crystal hair stretchy thing, a candle she likes, a big expensive bar of peach soap, three cute Beanie Babies, (she likes teddy bear things), a necklace from Beau and a pretty necklace and earrings set that I bought at my antique mall. I thought it was real but now I'm not sure. We're all going to go out to dinner tomorrow night.;l

Beau has a Bar Mitzvah to go to tomorrow. Scott's Daddy's little memorial thing is going to be on Sunday, the one day of the year when I only want to be in only one of two places, either at the Kodak Theatre or sitting right in front of my television. I'm waiting for Scott to e-mail me his eulogy so we can go through it and edit it a bit. I bought a cake and wrote We Love You Bud on it. Now I just have to get some flowers to take with us or I can order them and have them sent tomorrow.

I took cakes over to my two new neighbor's houses today as welcome to the street gifts.

I'm watching Anna Nicole and wondering how the hell she really lost all that weight. I'm tired of watching reality television shows and being jealous of everyone on them, yep, I'm that shallow but you can figure that out just by reading this post. I can't believe that people are giving her shit for being a SIZE TEN INSTEAD OF A SIX! What does that make me after having lost one hundred and thirty pounds, a size sixteen monster? I can't believe I've lost all of this weight only to discover that I still can't shop in regular stores. I'm just waiting for the day when I don't have to buy my clothes in stores with names like, The Forgotten Woman, or Big but Still Beautiful, etc., etc.

I got my hair cut and colored and like it.

When I heard Howard Stern got booted off of Clear Channel I thought, how could he possibly have done anything more outrageous than Celebrity Anal Ring Toss? I'm still not clear on what happened other than that it had something to do with the guy who videotaped himself having sex with Paris Hilton. My Mom dated her grandfather, I get such a kick out of thinking that there but for the grace of God go I.

Speaking of God, the man who plays Christ in Mel Gibson's new movie is Beau's cousin Jimmy Caviezel. I've been watching his career build for years. He's a good man, I'm happy for him.

I got my seller's permit so I can buy things wholesale to resell, woohoo! I bought a bunch of yarn and Atra and I are knitting up scarves to sell at a boutique in Beverly Hills that said they would take a few. I'm also going to put some in my little antique mall case in Santa Monica. If I weren't so poor I would move up to a space but I just don't have the money or the merchandise. I know I would be really good at this if I just had a little bit of money and the time to cruise around towing a little U-Haul behind my car. I see so many cool things that would be great to resell but they're never small enough to fit into a showcase. Maybe I should sell at the antique shows like The Santa Monica Airport Swapmeet. People have been telling me I should do this for forever. I could make pillows out of vintage table cloths, refinish furniture, oh bleh. What I really want to be doing is making money acting and this is more than enough stream of consciousness rambling for one night.

Love you guys,

This is me, I look just like this, heh : )

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