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Hi Everyone,

Been feeling blechy plus I wanted to take an abuse break. If you odn't know what I'm talking about a quick scan thorugh some of the last journal entries should kind of fill you in. If not let me know and I'll write to you but basically, I got fed up with all the games and selfishness on the part of a particular individual who had dummied up quite a few journals from which to post. He was going around hurting people and I didn't like it. So I said something about it in my journal and then had to deal with his wrath and some of his subpersonalities. I ahve nothing against unusual quirky personality types. I love creativity and uniqueness. It's when it becomes sociopathic and harmful that I take offense. I just don't want anyone scratching in my litte or manipulating my friends. Pisses me off right royally so there.

I have a tooth problem. Dental phobia. My own darned fault for procrastinating for so long. Now I've got an infection so bad they can't get anywhere near this tooth until I've taken a big long series of antibiotics and Vicodin every six hours. Yes that's right, I'm writing to you under the influence of codeine. Thank God for Brad's implemementing spell check.

I have to go to the back. I don't like the idea of driving like this, but it's a short distance and i've had very little this morning. I feel so awful though. All I want to do is sleep, which sucks because i am a huge Halloween fan and my yard is looking so wild and wooly. We've got two cemetaries. One is a haunted pumpkin patch and the other is more traditional horrible with a giant grim reeper figurine. We ahve rubber ghouls and vampires, ghosts, bats that fly, little freaky alien creatures whose eyes glow green, fog machines on timers, flickering lights in hay that look like fires, bubbling pools of blodd, black crows or ravens and lots of disgusting fleshy bits and pieces. Fun for all ; ) We'll carve our pumpkins this weekend. I got white ones as usual becuase they are so spooky and fun and a big huge orange one along with the standard pumpkin pals.

A makeup artist friend of mine who's done my makeup before is going to give me a huge cut across the eye and I think I'll be a ghoulish widow creature with long black hair and I don't know what else. I bought Beaus disgusting bloody gurgling chest and masque that pumps blood through itself, ick.

My astrology reading last night, on my fave astrologers phone in line was so good I'm trying to find the time to type it up for ana and ariesgirlie.

Ana has a cafe press site so I went and bought the following toys.

Bless the little lambie pie for including big sizes. XOXOXOXO

Buy Ana Stuff Here

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