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I had an interesting day today, through a quirk of fate I hooked up with Kitty Bartholomew, who I've known in passing through the years but who doesn't remember me, went over to her home today and she's hired me to be a stylist for the new book that she's writing. It feels daunting and exciting but is right up my hobby alley as you might know considering I've done a couple of home decorating projects, (Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion and the HGTV special), in the last year or so and I've just reopened my old vintage and collectibles business at the Wertz Brother's Antique Mart, the old Santa Monica Antique Mall.

I'll get a credit in her book instead of the $500.00 a day some stylists get which is fine by me since I'm just a baby with great taste while she's done soooo much and is giving me a break by letting me help out. Go check out her website and then look at the long running show she hosts on HGTV, she's a real pioneer in the home design industry. BTW her house is fabulous and I met her dog who was the best thing about the whole visit : )

It's all just a little overwhelming, with Irma and her kids leaving in four days and all of this spring change going on around me, deaths and impending births, endings and beginnings, I can't help but feel a bit frightened. I have a delicate, sensitive, highly tuned nervous system; I wish I was better at rolling with the seas of change -- I'm still working on doing better, always working at self improvement here.

Scott's Father's memorial service was yesterday. I don't feel like writing about it, it feels too private and deeply sad.

It turns out that after all of this time I am still in the running for the Sharon Osbourne Extreme Makeover thing. I finally got through to the nice producer, who has been helping me, today and it turns out she's been really sick, had pneumonia, and they are just now getting around to making decisions about this story idea. I asked her if there was anything else I could do, any other materials I could send in to help edge out my competition and she said that there were a couple of other women they were looking at who had sent in shots of themselves in their bras and underwear so I've decided to go one better and show them my bare boobs. I think I'll take a shot of them in all their glorious droopiness and then pair that with a shot of myself holding them up the way I'd like them to look. I'm also going to send in a shot of my droopy belly and thighs, lovely eh? The things we're willing to stoop too. Actually I don't think it's that big of a deal, I just really want to get to be a guest on the show because I love Sharon so much. If I get thirty-thousand dollars worth of plastic surgery out of it and inspire people in the process then it's all win win. I'd be happy if they'd just set me up with a trainer and buy me some clothes, hell, I'd be happy if they'd just have me on and show my before and after shots and Minnie bit me.

Oscars; missed a good portion of them for the first time in my life because we were at the memorial for Scott's Daddy, then I accidentally doubled up on one of my many medications, (Weee aint aging fun?) got low blood pressure, felt really weird and got tremors. So, Scott taped them for me and is going to loan me the tape which will help me feel as if I watched them, I've picked up a copy of today's Hollywood Reporter, which I'll read tonight, and I taped E's pre-show coverage so I am going to kick back with my TV, my cats and catch up on Joan and Melissa and the red carpet fun that I missed out on last night.

Tomorrow I'm going to gather props, fabric, materials and things to loan to Kitty and work on my own house here a bit, then Thursday I'll be working with her all day at her house. I hope all of this works out, things have always seemed to just drop out of the sky and land in my lap when I'm open to them. What I'm really trying to do now is learn to receive what the Universe has to offer and not get scared and push it away, mmm hmmm.

Oh and I also met this lovely actress, Rosana De Soto, at Kitty's house. She was so cool and is really gorgeous.

I hope things are going really well for all of you.

Much hugging and cheek kissing all around,
Your pal Jacqui


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