Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My Fraud Follow Up and I Fired Eunice

First of all, thank you! You are all the dearest people to have taken the time to even read my bizarre, rambling, double posted entry, let alone to comment, well, it's just overwhelming. I've said this before but you never fail to amaze me with your kindness, thank you again and again from the bottom of my heart.

When I reread my post today I couldn't believe what a mess I had made of things and was super embarrassed to say the least. I don't know how you all made any sense of it, especially considering I pasted my spell checked and edited version right smack into the middle of the rough draft -- all of this done while on a double dose of Oh My God My World Is Crumbling Around Me Get Me the Xanax, by the way.

I am, as could be expected, tired, stressed, tense, just all around worn out and weary and I just want to go to sleep but I had to write back to thank you, at the very least, and to check in with a brief update.

I took your good advice, I went to the police, I filed a complaint, I called Animal Reg. and I fired Eunice, but it was all hard to do. hard, challenging, scary, you name it, but I did it. I was so torn up and confused and it has taken it's tole on me emotionally. I will try to come back and tell you more about all of this as soon as I can.

Some of you may know that I have a lovely, super painful, and incurable bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis, (I know some of my pals here have it too, I'm sorry), which basically means that the lining of my bladder has been eaten up by my own immune system for some unknown reason, and because of this I am in constant pain and spend most nights having to get up a dozen or more times to pee. I get most of my sleep in the early morning hours when for some reason my body just finally gives up sending the pain signals to my brain and surrenders, and this is just one of the many reasons I need a helper, someone to help get my little monkey man up and out the door for school.

Since I don't have a helper pal any more I am going to have to do this myself, which would be fine if I could come back home and get a couple hours of sleep, but I have committed to helping my partner Scott clear out his recently deceased Father's home, something I would never want for him to have to face alone.

Scott's Dad lived more than an hour away from us and his Dad's girlfriend and half sister, who his Father never bothered to tell him about, and who has just recently arrived on the scene, will also be there. Anyway, as worn out, heart sick, and weary as I feel right now, I am going to have to find the energy to be a supportive partner and friend, and spend the next three days helping Scott get through this, which sucks absolutely, because I am afraid to be away from my home right now and I am needed to help train the new housekeeper and bust the bad guys.

I'll have to figure something out about Thursday, maybe Scott will have to go on his own early and then I'll come join him later because I will need to be here just in case Mr. Fraud and Extortion decides to place that promised phone call.

BTW Eunice was not here this morning when we woke up and didn't turn up for two hours. She said she had gone out to buy me some Sobe drinks to replace all of the ones she broke yesterday. It doesn't take two hours to do this. Everyone I've spoken with pretty much thinks she went out to call her possible partner in crime who then must have said, "You go back there and keep tabs on things for me, besides if you leave now it will make you the main suspect." This probably explains why when I fired her, with two full weeks pay, she seemed almost relieved and happy. She tried to work up some tears but just couldn't manage it. I was the one who was sobbing.

When I looked at her driver's license I realized the address she had listed was a friggin' PO Box. Now I'm adding things up, putting bits and pieces of stories together, learning new things no one had bothered to tell me before, like the fact that she has a brother who is in jail somewhere near Palm Springs for armed, home invasion robberies, with special, added time for terrorizing and being extremely cruel to his victims. The jury saw all of this on a surveillance tape that he had been unaware of. Pretty aint it?

Also Esther remembered that Eunice had told her at one point that she thought my extremely sensitive and loving Beau was the kind of kid who would grow up and, "kill his mother." Then there was the day that Eunice took six hours to cash a check and no bothered to tell me that when she finally returned she told Irma and Esther that if I had anything to say to her about this I could, "Take this piece of shit job and shove it, because it's nothing to me and I can just get my things and walk out right now!" I've never ever known anyone who had two such incredibly distinct sides to their personality. It's more than scary and you were all right for having suggested I boot her out of here.

Nevertheless it was hard to do, to look into her lovely face and tell her that it was all over and that she needed to get her stuff and go. I so suck at letting people go. Thank God I was able to do this now before she burrowed in any deeper.

I was only able to speak with the detective very briefly on the phone today. I was so paranoid I made him give me phone numbers to call to verify he was indeed who he said he was and I made him give me details from the report I gave this morning that only the police would have and still I didn't trust him -- he sounded too much like the guy who had called the night before. I'll speak with him some more tomorrow.

The police are tracing the calls made to me last night and have put a tap on my line and want to be here Thursday morning just in case Mr. I Love Cats Too, decides to make good on his threat and call. I'm guessing Eunice has already told him the good news and he won't be making that call. This is my best case scenario, the one I'm hoping for, that they will just go away realizing they were lucky to have received a thousand dollars and no jail time for what they did.

Beau didn't go to school today because he spent all night worrying about the cats. When Eunice left she hugged me and said, "I am so sorry, I should be crying too but I cannot get to my feelings, they are so deep inside." I want to paint her badly, make her the bad guy, but I am still not a thousand percent certain that she did any of this on purpose, even though everyone close to the situation is convinced that she was in on it from the beginning.

For now I just want to take this one minute at a time and go lock my bedroom door because every little bark from the dogs outside, every little bump or sound that the cats are making downstairs, is making me jump out of my skin with fear that home invasion robbers are stealthily making their way up my stairs as we speak, or well, as I write.

I love all of you so so much. Thank you again and again, as always, for caring about us!!!!!

Your friend -- Jacqui

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