Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

A Whole Lot of Cops Were Here and Little Tea Tea Died Today

I'm so incredibly sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the events of the last few days that I don't even know if I'll have the energy to finish this entry or even make sense here. I'm watching Pimp My Ride. Don't ask me why but I love this show. I'm so tired I've been hallucinating, seriously, and I shouldn't have been driving, but I had to.

I've been getting so little sleep my eyes are crossing. As soon as I finish writing to you I'm going to collapse and then tomorrow I have to get up super early and go back to Laguna with my Scotty to continue to process of taking everything out of his Dad's house.

How come you guys are so concerned about my locking my entries? Do you think Eunice and her partner in crime can read my journal? I really don't think so, she had seriously limited skills in this area, but you never know. Even if they could read this, what would it tell them -- that "my house is hot with cops," and that they'd better not mess with us any further? I think that's a good thing don't you? Police and Animal Control wise there isn't anything here I have to hide at this point, it's all pretty much out in the open now, at least regarding my many pets. It's pretty hard to hide my big hairy dogs and, with cops coming and going all day, sitting here reading the newspaper and sharing stories with me on a long boring stakeout.

I've been sharing this story with my fellow cat lovers in some of the cat communities and if I locked it down to friend's only, they'd never be able to read the rest of the story. If there's any concern about my besmirching Eunice here, frankly, after everything she put me through, I'm not even sure she exists, or if this is even her name. I don't know who she was, certainly not the overly conciliatory woman who said, "God bless you Jacqui! God Bless you," so many times a day that I had to ask her to stop because it was making me, a lapsed Catholic, uncomfortable.

Beau is doing better, now that the medication has worn off, but he felt pretty rotten for most of the day.

The police showed up a little bit early and were already here sitting in my living room drinking Snapples by the time we got back from picking Beau up from school. They took this whole thing very seriously and I swear I felt like I was living an episode of Cops or Law and Order. It was so weird having these smart, intense, good looking men with guns in my house tossing phrases around like, "Frenchie thinks things could go sideways on this one so we're changing the staging area." There were three more detectives who spent the day at the nearby Starbucks waiting for instructions via some kind of big walkie talkie thing from the lead detectives at my house and still more waiting to back all of these guys up at the station. They went back and forth tossing numbers at eachother over the radio for most of the time that they were here.

The detectives hooked up their own telephone to my phone system and then connected a cheapo looking tape recorder to that. They coached me in what to say if the bad guy called. It was all so real and scary. I felt my heart surge forward every time the phone rang. They said, "Act normal, but be frightened." Then they laughed at themselves. They meant that just because I was surrounded by men with guns that I should act like they weren't here and was still worried about the hold this man had over me. They didn't have to worry; I was worried that there were men with guns and that this man might still call.

They told me to try to get the guy to stay on the phone as long as possible, to stall him with questions like, "How do I know you won't come back in a week or two and ask me for more money," and "How do I know you really do work for The Animal Regulations Dept.?". They wanted me to tell him I could get the ten thousand dollars but that I needed two hours to do it. They needed this time to get the money, have it photographed, and get more undercover cops to help bust the guy.

They had a wire they were going to make me wear and they wanted me to drive to wherever Mr. Take Advantage of Animal Loving Jacqui, wanted me to go, then I was supposed to show him the "flash" money and hope he took it, touched it or reached out for it, anything less and they wouldn't have a case. They told me to try to persuade him to allow me to come with someone else, then I could have one of the detectives in the car with me, but then later changed my mind. At first they wanted me to meet him somewhere where they would surround him and "take him down" as soon as he made a move for the money, then later they decided it would better if I suggested meeting him at the bank.

We waited four hours and he didn't call. This makes everyone that much more suspicious of Eunice. The cops just laughed at the idea of it being the sanitation worker. I have so much more I'd like to write to you and tell you about all of this but I am just too tired, my eyes keep rolling up in my head and I can't keep typing, no way.

Remind me to tell you about the cops my friends saw having sex in their black and white police cruiser and how my stupidly blabbing about this to the detectives during our long, scary, and boring wait for the bad guy to call, caused them to have to report this and go over to interview my very frightened friends. "Don't tell Jacqui Joon anything, she can not keep quiet." In their country, (Iran), you don't want to do anything to attract undue attention from the authorities, so naturally for them it seems doubly scary here. Great; I just love that I did this to my dear new friends.

Pinky, my naked rat, is very sick but still hanging in there. We're going to give him one more day on oxygen and antibiotics to see if there is any chance he might bounce back for us just this one more time. But Tea Tea, my beloved little midget cat, the kitty we nursed from birth had to be euthanized late this afternoon. I am so traumatized by all of this and there is so much more to say but I have to get up and help Scott tomorrow and I have to go to sleep.

I've learned so much through all of this but I am fried beyond belief.

Love you,

PS: What's a "cooler"? The cops used that word at one point when they were radioing back and forth with the back up guys.

PPS: I took so many calls from people on my cell phone today that I keep imagining that I am hearing it ringing. I am actually sick of the song Let It Be now.

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