Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Recovering From Stress and Betrayal, Pinky Rat Rallied, Missing Irma and Easter

I just lost out on this auction because I was too hurting to set up an e-snipe bid on it, darn it. I'd love to have the ad for my grandmother's, (Peggy Hunt,) dresses. Oh well.

I'm gathering Beau's Easter gifts together. I always make a little line that leads from his bed to some place in the house, a line that looks like the Easter Bunny was so overloaded with loot that he just kept dropping things along the way.

I spoke with Kitty B. today and she told me that she always tied a real carrot to the front door and then would get up early and take a bite out of it so that her kids would think EB had really been there. She also put empty baskets by the foot of their beds and put Polaroid's or photos of different places in the yard where they should go to begin hunting for their treats and prizes. How fun and sweet.

My Mom always hid a lot of baskets and peek-a-boo sugar eggs around the living room of our house in Palm Springs. Easter morning was like Christmas for me -- so special and exciting. I would get up and run around looking for everything. It was all so obvious, because there would be these big basket shaped bulges behind all of the curtains, but that was part of the fun. I still love Easter egg hunts and treasure hunts.

Yesterday I saw my beloved old high school principal, Sr. Colette, as she was walking by and I ran out and gave her a hug and a kiss. After all these years she's still a bit proper and reserved but I'll never stop loving her and kissing her. I was never intimidated by her like so many of my friends at school were. Somehow I managed to see beyond her very stern and forbidding demeanor to the heart of her. I would so love to write a book about her life -- the years she spent flying rescue missions in helicopters in the Congo. What a life she's led, but she would be too humble to take me seriously, or want to write about her life. It would make a fabulous movie.

Things are looking up around here, I think. Anna seems to be working out. It's taken her a while to learn the ropes but she's getting it. Beau's back is much better and mine is a little improved.

My rat Pinky is back from the hospital, having rallied from pneumonia one more time. I doubt if he has one more rally left in him. Frankly I was amazed we were able to bring him home again this time. If Dr. Small thought he was suffering and we should put him to sleep I would have to take her advice but we're not there yet, thank God, because this on top of losing Tea Tea would have killed Irma, these being her two favorite pets of ours. She also loves Triple B but B got sick of being cuddled upside down like a baby and started running from her and growling when she got caught, either that or she knew Irma was leaving and decided to get really mean and resentful about it. Either way, it was really strange; Irma saved little B's life, even took her to church and asked people to pray for her, and in the end B was growling and taking whacks at her. Poor dear, wonderful Irma. God, we all miss her so.

Pinky's breathing is hard and laboured but he still enjoys sitting on my shoulder and running to his cage with treats. He was utterly confused about whether to put down the big piece of crispy cookie he was holding to take the piece of cheddar cheese I was offering him, or if he should just consume the cookie on the spot. He put the cookie down gingerly and keeping close watch on it, just in case I changed my mind and tried to take it back, grabbed for the cheese and ran back with it in triumph. I love rats, I so wish people could get beyond their fear and prejudice and learn to embrace and respect them. I also wish I had lots and lots of money to do wonderful things for my family, friends and anyone I might meet. Dream on Jacqui.

Did I mention I love watching television and reading when I'm laid up in bed, pain meds aren't all that bad either. You should see my garden, oh the roses, the roses are so beautiful. Irma and I stumbled onto a house clean out sale, on our way back from filing the police report the other day, and came away with a lot of great finds, one of which was an old drinking fountain that is going to make a terrific sculptural planter in my front yard.

I wish I could just get over the feeling that we're still in danger from whomever it was who tried to extort all that money from me by threatening my family. I'm double checking all of the locks on the doors and screening all of my calls, well, screening, more like not answering.

I bought a great piece of furniture at the swap meet on Sunday. It's from somewhere in Eastern Europe, I think, is super rustic, blue and white and has tons of drawers, it'll be great somewhere. I'm thinking of putting it in the garage. God, there's just never an end to everything I need to do around here. Please send me some energy to get it all done. It would feel so great to one day get caught up and have the time to create art or just go for a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains and take photos of all of the flowers coming up. I wish I could be somewhere where the Cicadas are coming up out of the ground -- that'd be a sight to see. At least I have this cross country trip this summer to look forward to. I've been wanting to do this for years!

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