Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I got this from my friend ana who got it from helloyarn:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"Fresh water has always been hard to come by in Malibu."
MALIBU DIARY -- Notes from an Urban Refuge by Penelope Grenoble O'Malley

Oh man am I tired. I got up early to dress according to my Mother's exacting standards for the annual Bel Air Garden club luncheon at the Bel Air Golf Club. It was nice. I enjoyed sitting with all of these older women and chatting with them. I loved the speaker, Charlotte Moss and her slideshow; photos of women and places that have inspired her in her career as an interior designer, Sister Parish, Coco Chanel, The Duchess of Windsor, Audrey Hepburn, Tony Duquet...

I met an interesting woman, all in lavender, who writes romance novels. Muriel Maddox; She used to date my Father and was an actress but she gave it all up and started writing. She gave me her card and wrote all of the names of them on the back. I wish I could remember her name to tell you, sorry.

Unfortunately I ate some vegetables without chewing them well enough and wound up throwing up for a couple of hours, sigh. Oh well, small price to pay for weighing one-hundred-and-thirty-two pounds less than I did a year ago.

I gave away fifteen of our beloved rabbit people today. It was a very good time to do this -- so close to Easter, but so hard to do. I told Esther I would rather cut off my little finger than have to give them away : ( For my cats I'd cut off a limb or worse.

We're going to our home in the desert for Easter. I'm afraid to write this here just in case my ex-housekeeper and her extortionist bad guy gangy friend can read this and plan a break in during this period, but I don't think they're that sophisticated, Anna and Esther will be here keeping an eye on our beloved animal friends and besides Eunice and her accomplice probably want to stay as far away from our recently cop hot house as they can.

Did I tell you how happy Irma and her kids are in Boston? Did I tell you how sad we are without them, what a huge loss it is for us, and how much we miss them?

God, this has been a rough period for us. Who would believe that I started a challenging new job, Scott's dad died and we had to clean out his house, "someone" put a rusty nail in my Mother's water carafe, Irma gave notice, Rosa created more drama and difficulty at Mom's house, we put an ad in La Opinion, fielded thousands of calls, narrowed them down to a few hundred, called them back, interviewed a dozen women and then picked the one person who was out to scam us, a man called and threatened my pets and son, the cops showed up with guns, ten grand, and wanted me to wear a wire and help nab the guy, we had to put our littlest and dearest cat Tea Tea to sleep after having spent the better part of a year willing her to live, Beau was diagnosed with a serious case of ADD and had adverse reactions to medications, he sprained his back and we learned he has osteopenia, and then I herniated my spine? Things have got to start bouncing back soon don't you think?

Love you guys,

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