Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

An Ebay Drama Rant

I should be on my way to Palm Desert by now or actually sleeping in my sweet little bedroom there but my back was freaking out after a long day of driving around playing the Easter Bunny so we've decided to leave tomorrow morning.

I'm going to go to bed as soon as I finish writing this. I just had to get this off my pendulous breasts because I'm so upset, it's eBay related so you can just skip on by if online auction matters bore you.

As most of you know I'm a vintage image collector. I love grabbing images off the web whenever I see something that inspires me or catches my discerning eye. I save them in files or share them with you. I love the connection with the past and the art of it.

When I can afford to, or more accurately, when I cannot resist the temptation, I will buy the cards and photos that move me the most, especially anything that I might want to scan and use in a collage someday. I have spent thousands of dollars on paper goods when I should be setting this money aside to invest in a business or bla bla bla, anyway I buy from several of the same dealers on eBay and all of them know I'm honest but ditzy and will hold a batch of cards for me and send a reminder note when the amount I owe them gets to be over fifty dollars or so. I always try to pay my auctions on time. However there are some dealers who make things a bit harder by not using Paypal and it is such a drag to have to spend five dollars using Bidpay to pay for a three dollar auction which is what happened in the story I'm going to relay here.

I bid on an auction with this man, let's call him MrUptightPostcardGuy, a few weeks ago and didn't pay him immediately. I like to go to my My Ebay page and click the little link there that takes me to the payment page so I can just get the whole thing over and done with on line. Suddenly, and even though his auctions still say he takes Paypal, his Paypal link stopped working and I had to write to him to ask for his address. Then things went screwy in my life, not an uncommon occurrence, but one that most people I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars with and who have not only my address but my phone number, are willing to take into account and cut me a little bit of slack for.

Anyway the next thing I know I get a warning from him. I pay the auction but then I receive a Non Paying Bidder warning as if I never paid the auction. I wrote to him asking him kindly to fill out the little form informing eBay that I did pay him his Goddamned three dollars and here is a copy of our e-mail correspondence.

Hi Charlie, (Not his real name), Please, please, please will you do me a huge favor and tell eBay that I have paid you for this card? I've copied my info from my file below so you can see the Bidpay reference number for the payment. I'm sorry I took a little longer than normal to get this out to you but please let eBay know I paid it otherwise I won't be able to do business here any longer.

Thanks so much,

Jacqui, You have a long standing habit of not paying for cards until you are warned by me, (not true) this has happened too many times, I should not have to reach this point every time I sell something to you, hence your being "Spanked" again. If you have the wherewithal to get on the computer to bid on something, then you should also be prepared to pay for a card as well. I will not retract this action, and your record stands as judged.

Charlie (Not his real name)

But I did pay you for the card. The non paying bidder warning means that the person has not paid for the item. Feedback is the appropriate forum for you to complain about the way I handled a transaction, if that is what you want to do, although why you would want to do this over a three dollar auction that I did indeed pay within a thirty day time frame is beyond me.

I can understand your being upset with me. If you do not want me to bid on any more of your cards, then fine, I certainly won't, but it amazes me that after having spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on postcards with you, that you would not take the time to fill out a simple form informing eBay that I did indeed pay for this three dollar auction.

I buy so many cards from so many people here, and despite my occasionally being ditzy and a pain, everyone I have ever dealt with here knows that I am honest and well meaning and has been kind and understanding, especially because I am a repeat buyer. Most dealers just hold cards for me and know I will send them payment when I have accrued a large enough debt with them for it to matter. But to think that you would not only take this action against me over one small card, but to be so hard line about it when I am merely asking for you to be honest and tell eBay that I did indeed pay you for this card amazes me and hurts me. Wow.

Please Charles be charitable and forgiving and fill out the simple form, it seems like a small thing to ask when I have not only spent so much money with you but referred so many customers to you as well. Was I mistaken in having thought we were friends?


It won't kill me to have one Non Paying Bidder warning on my file but it makes me feel really awful and angry. I feel ashamed, creeped out and dirty. Yuck.

You guys I have seriously spent thousands of dollars buying postcards, for fuck's sake, from this man. I bought so much from him that he sent me a Christmas present last year. Then he sends me a NPB for a very minor auction I did pay for within thirty days of the end of the auction. It just seems so unfair and hurts my feelings so much. I don't get how someone who professes to be so "Christian" can be such a hard ass about something like this. I do feel "spanked" and frankly it feels abusive. I'm going to give him a few days to think this over then I'm going to appeal and if that doesn't work I'm going to neg the hell out of the guy and just take his retaliatory neg in return because stiff, uptight, fundamental, fake religious, big bad Daddy types need to take their own hard ass medicine as well. Bastard!

Ya know I always knew there was something weird and uptight about him because in all of our transactions he always seemed to get prickly with my, "big friendly eBay hugs," sign offs, and he talked about God too much. Nothing against God, love the gal/guy myself but I haven't had the best experiences lately with people who toss his name around too frequently, (Eunice).

How's this for a few possible negatives for the guy;
Stay away from sellers who use words like spanking and judgment.
Sicko dealer sent me candy then spankings.
Spent hundreds, burnt our bridge over three bucks.
Stay away from religious fundamentalist nudie card sellers, they're just plain tweaked.
Or maybe I should just stick with something really simple like,
Judge not lest ye be judged. That ought to get to his cold little Bible thumping heart.

Thanks for listening I so had to get this off my chest so I wouldn't have to do battle with this in my dreams tonight.

Love you guys,

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