Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Thanks to aesthetikMuse for this really fun link to this facial software recognition site. You submit a photo of yourself, and using facial recognition software, they tell you which celebrities they think you most resemble. I don't think I'm anywhere near as pretty as any of these three women, but what a fun compliment. Try it and let me know.

Woohoo Giselle, Angelina and Jamie Leigh, how cool is that? Although they're all about sixty pounds thinner, argh. What do you think this is based on, the distance between your eyes?

I'm still open to the three questions meme game. I'm loving it. Ask me any three questions, anything and I'll answer them, then go ahead and post your own request for three questions on your journal and so on... I'll come back later and post my fave questions and answers in an entry. I think this is so much fun.

I'm finally home and was doing some research for a collage project that I'd promised to help Beau finish tonight, so he can get some sleep and be able to get up and go to school tomorrow after my having allowed him to stay up late and slept in late for most of his Easter break. But, as usual with all things relating to Live Journal, I've been very, very, distracted and have been hopping around, darn it.

Having lots of Sparkles babies cuddling up to me and giving me kisses and rubs has made my coming home to a Sparkle-less house much easier than I thought it would be, but if I dwell on it for too long I'll cry so I'll just leave it at this and move on, sigh.

I took a long time driving home from the desert. Stopping a lot breaks up the driving and makes it easier for me. At a rest stop somewhere between there and here there was a farm that bordered the rest stop property and I was able to walk up to a fence and pet some cows/bulls. There was one really gorgeous, curious one who came up to me and just stared at me for the longest time. He had the most beautiful eyes. Oh man I love cows. There were little calves drinking from their mommy cows and just laying around in the sun. I couldn't help but wonder where they would end up and pray that they wouldn't be sold as food for someone. It's just so wrong, how is it that people can't see this? I really don't get it. There was this one big red guy who came up to me and licked me, being licked by a cow is such a great thing. He liked it when I fed him bits of grass from the base of my side of the fence, but he was ticklish where I petted him on his nose and gave me a good pissed off whack on the hand with his head. I took digital pictures but I thought, "People out there in journal land don't think of cows as these sweet exotic animals like you do. This is a living in LA, cut off from the world, kind of thing." But I'll post them at some point anyway. Wish I could put them up with this story but like I said, Beau's collage is still waiting and I've got to put up the pictures from the meme thing I did.

I've been craving baklava all day and finally I am having a piece of one, yeay.

I'm looking forward to getting things done around here -- there's always so much to do.

Love you guys,

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