Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

The Subservient Chicken

Oh My God I just saw this weird thing on my pal Ana's Journal and I've been playing with it when I should be in bed with a heating pad on my spasming back. It's the Subservient Chicken. You can tell it to do things and it will. I told it to watch television and it kicked it. I asked for a hug and it just came up to the camera and looked at me strangely. When I asked it to kiss me it did something odd with a pillow. It didn't know what to do when I asked it to be a vegetarian or to bring me some fries.

Try it. But don't go to Burger King and eat chickens just because they're sponsoring it.

Too hurting and tired to post. Love you though. Jac XOXOXO

PS: I hate it when people take me off their friend's lists. It's so dumb though because I completely understand and empathise with needing to pare them down so they'll be managable enough to keep up with, but I'm all about egalitarianism and unless you're really mean to me or someone I love, if you add me, I'll add you back. Sometimes it takes me a while to get caught up and do this but I always get around to it eventually.

Uh oh the Beau woke up, he stubbed his toe and it's bleeding, just like Scott who did the same thing last night. What's with the bleeding toe stubbing? I have to go downstairs now and get my Beau-i-o something to drink.

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