Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Grab it quickly my little Halloween darlings : )

I'm going swapmeeting in the rain. Still feel really rotten though. Mean teeth. Bah.

Esther's sick. Scott's sick. Beau's sick. I'm sick.

I'm paranoid about chemtrails. I'm documenting them now. I have pictures, descriptions and dates. They happen every two to three weeks. They come in either groups of paralel lines or big X's and when they are through the entire sky is covered in a hazy grey cloud layer.

Yesterday, despite the small storm we had, the skies were blue with puffy clouds, then the lines started. I was telling some friends what I had been reading about chem trails. I told them that the last time this happened the whole sky became totally overcast. I told them that I was certain it would do the same thing this time and it has. Dense grey cloud layer, can't even see the sky. Something's going on you guys. Well either that or I spend too much time onthis computer and listening to late night radio. Check out coast to coast's site or the old artbell.com and do a search there for chem trails then tell me what you think.

Beau and I were watching the plane spread whatever it was. Then it hung in the air and gradually drifted downwards in big weird crystally looking streaks. After a little while the streaks started to expand and could almost look like clouds if you hadn't been following their changes.

Love Youze,

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