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Ebay, Mother's Day, Beau's Birthday and Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

This one is so cute I had to show it to you. I have a couple of these fairy picture cards, but without the sword. I think the person bidding on this might be the same person who once wrote to me and said, "Thanks a lot! You've stolen three auctions from me this week!" I felt sorry for her, whoever it was, but I also thought they were kind of nuts, taking my bidding on these fairy cards personally. I won't bid against a friend but anyone else is fair game, it's an auction.

You'd think people would learn to use snipe programs, I don't get why anyone would want to bid on things outright. I'll occasionally bid on something when I don't want to hassle with going to Esnipe, and winning the auction isn't vital to me, but when people just bid outright on a string of things, leaving a trail for other people to follow, it just seems dumb and it forces the prices of things up.

You know sometimes I think even after everything I've done to lose as much weight as I have that I look like Monica from Friends in her fat suit.

I'm watching a biopic about Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, Love and Betrayal: Mia Farrow. I feel so sorry for Mia Farrow. I love that she adopted so many kids and I think Woody and Soon-Yi's betrayal of her was so rotten. I try not to judge people because who knows what really goes on behind closed doors, and I haven't walked a mile in their moccasins and all that, but it's just so hard not to side with Mia on this one, even though I partially understand how people can end up thinking and acting on "the heart wants what the heart wants."

I listened to her book on tape driving to and from Burning Man in 2000, I think, and it's pretty hard not to be swayed by her POV when you listen to her telling her story, her side of things, in her own voice. This is kind of a cool little flick -- well acted and well made for a sleazy kind of thing -- I wonder how I missed it when it came out. This guy is doing an amazing Woody Allen.

Mia's character just said, "Taking care of lots of kids is my raison d'être, it's my job!" That's how I feel about animals and would feel about kids if I could get it together to do that somehow. I definitely want to adopt at some point. I don't want to be a nutsy idealist like some women I've admired but who wound up broke and unable to spread themselves thin enough, but in my fantasy heart I get to go to China and adopt a little girl and Mexico and India and Africa...

Beau's birthday is the eleventh. He wants a styley looking Warlock guitar and an Ipod and a Storm Trooper costume. I can't pull all of that off for him -- don't have the time or the money. He always waits until the last second to tell me what he wants.

Tomorrow I have to get him some conservative looking dressy clothes to wear to the club for Mom's Day and I have to swing by the mall to pay my rent and look for some extra little things for Mom. Then Saturday we're having this neighborhood beautification thing where each block picks up trash, and weeds their own little area of plantings along the 405. Then we have a big neighborhood block party for a couple of hours up the street where there's a moon bounce and we give away hot dogs and hamburgers, (I wish they were made of tofu), and people bring their kids and even their pets. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Uh oh here comes the scene where she, (Mia Farrow), finds the Polaroids of a naked Soon-Yi -- so sad.

Both my Mom and Scott invited Beau to go with them to buy me a Mother's Day present. Wow, I'm so touched. I usually end up being kind of forgotten by Beau, present and card wise, and Mom has never, ever offered to take Beau out to get me a gift. She doesn't even get me gifts herself any more. I'm just so blown away and moved.

Okay back to the e-mail slave mines. I'm feeling a little better, I think this bug thing may just be a little two day thing because Gilan and Atra were both throwing up for one to two days. Beau's feeling a little better now too.

Big hugs,

Ooooh this one's pretty too!

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