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I forgot that I need to tell you the exact dates of the upcoming episodes of HGTV's Country Style that we'll be on. I hate telling people about this before I've even seen it. It's one thing for me to get a part, do my research, memorize a script, become this other person and be her on stage or on film, but to stand in my kitchen and repeat these kind of stilted lines that were taken from an initial interview with me, then tweaked, twisted around and fed back to me artificially is kind of weird and hard to do. I think I'll come off as being stiff. Plus I was so stressed about trying to clean this zoo up before the TV crew came that I had been working for days and didn't sleep at all the night before, and I wore a sweater that may make me look even chunkier than I am because my friend Atra had knit it for me and I was trying to be supportive by wearing it for her.

In case you haven't figured out by now, this is just me being my usual painfully neurotic self. I'm actually a little shy, which may seem odd for an actor, but there are a lot of us out here who are like this.

Okay, so here are the dates of the show;
Farm Fresh Kitchen Episode #607 5-15-2004 7:30 PM ET & PT and
Dining With Collections Episode #613 6-26-2004 7:30 PM ET & PT
Check your cable listings for HGTV. Here in West LA we get it on channel 54

One of my very best galpal's is going to be featured on tomorrow night's show. She was trying to find a way to get everything she wanted in a home but on a condo budget and she came up with this creative way to do it by moving into a trailer or mobile home. What's special about her having moved to a mobile home is that in their case (Susan and her husband Jim's), they found a mobile home community that sits on the most amazing ocean view property just a few blocks away from some of the most expensive real estate in all of California. So there they are, happily ensconced in a mobile home park, with a spa tub, all the amenities they wanted, and a million dollar view of the Pacific Ocean, for the same amount of money it had cost them to live in a stacked up shoe box in Hollywood where they were miserable. I just knew this would make a good story for Country Style which is why I pitched it to them -- too bad I didn't get any credit for it, darn it.

Also I don't know if you caught this because I buried it at the end of a long post, but The Sharon Osbourne Show passed on the idea of doing their version of an extreme makeover with me. The producer said they just ran out of time.

I'm fine with it, really. So much time has gone by that I pretty much knew this was going to be the outcome. I'd really rather have more control of all of the work I want to have done anyway. I just love Sharon and wanted to be on the show, and it would have been great to get all that work done on someone else's tab. I keep praying that a trainer will drop out of the sky and work with me three days a week for free, ya never know, it could happen.

Do any of you gals ever want to just bitch about your boyfriends/husbands/romantic partners but find yourself feeling frustrated because they read your journal and you don't feel free to just let it all hang out? I wish there was a private community where it would be safe for me to just whine a little bit now and then. I felt pissed and disappointed over a relatively small thing that happened between us, that goes to the heart of a big thing, that is a long standing issue between my partner and myself tonight. Am I making sense?

We were IMing each other tonight and in the middle of what I thought was a friendly exchange he just disappeared. Because he tends to spend a lot of time when he's not working, alone in his apartment, spaced out and not very present for a bucket full of reasons, he thought his having written XOXO meant that I would understand he meant good-bye, then when I called to ask why he signed off so abruptly, when I'd been trying to reach him to talk to him earlier, he got defensive and tried to argue the point. Oh God, big frustrated sigh.

Okay I really have to get to bed if I have any hope of being able to get up early to weed and plant and be neighborly tomorrow.

Big friendly LJ hugs,
Jacqui who is sick of the smell of cat pee but is falling in love with her tail clinging possum pals

Beau needs to get a hair cut tomorrow, this is how he always acts.

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