Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I got this from Savage Eagle/Kylene's Journal. I don't usually do these but I'm trying to do anything I can to avoid sleeping, I don't know why.

The basics:
- What is your full name?: Jacqueline Wendy Anne Hyland
- When is your birthday/how old are you now?: 3-29 and I don't want to say the year because I'm starting to get sensitive about it : ( Current location: My bed. My bedroom. Los Angeles, CA
- What is your favorite color?: Blue like a gorgeous clean sea and green like the sun dappled leaves of trees in a forest.
- Perfect moment: Making love with my guy one New Year's Eve, looking over at the clock on the night stand and realizing it was midnight. Or being on stage, acting.
Getting a bit personal:
- What is your greatest fear?™: Abandonment, being betrayed by or lied to by my partner. Anything bad happening to my son or my boyfriend or my mom or my pets. My house catching on fire. The big earthquake.
- Stupidest thing you ever did/or thought about doing?: Getting into a car with a stranger who tried to feel me up. Dancing naked when I was a teenager on the fence posts in front of my parents house. Driving drunk. Outrunning the police who were chasing us because, "You guys, I'm sorry, I just can't get busted, my Dad will kill me."
- Goal you want to accomplish: Be a working actor. Win an Academy Award. Put an end to animal research and suffering.
- Thoughts upon first waking: Oh yeay another day and oh damn I have to get up.
- Most violent thought ever had: I can't think of one. Oh yeah, umm, rather not say.
Random bullshit:
- Best physical feature: My big fat ass -- just kidding, ummm can't answer this one.
- Bedtime?: Rarely
- Your most missed memory: Being a family. Playing fetch with Sparkle. Having fun backstage.
- Most regretted action: Having stolen things
Do you:
- Cuss: Oh yeah!
- Sing: Not enough but I'm really good at it and I miss it.
- Have sex with circus midgets?: Nooo, not yet.
- Want to get married: Yes, absolutely. I miss being married.
- Believe in yourself: Yes absolutely!
- Think you're a sexy biatch?: Yep.
- Get along with your parent(s): I love my parents very much but we have a big age difference and they kind of grew up in another world and were very out of touch with this one. I don't get along with my birth mother, I wish I did. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me and there's a lot of heartsick heartbreak there. I don't know who my birth father was because she is cruelly withholding this from me.
- Like thunderstorms: Yes, but they definitely scare me, they excite me as well.
In the past month...
- Drank alcohol: No
- Smoked: No
- Had sex, snogged, or gotten generally kinky?: Just a few hours ago, yeay!!!!
- Gone on a date: Yep
- Gone to the mall/or gone shopping?: Definitely, I'm a big time shopper.
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No.
- Been on stage: Does this apply to the last month? If so no : (
- Pet an exotic animal?: Yes, just tonight, I caught our missing possum, she bit me, and I put her in her cage. Then I took out her older brother and we cuddled and kissed.
- Been to a Turkish prison?: No but I saw Midnight Run so I wouldn't want to.
- Visited a foreign country?: England, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Tahiti
- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yes but it's been years.
- Been caught "doing something": Do kids walking in on you, or almost walking in on you count?
- Had a black eye or random weird bruise that was NOT from fighting?: I get random weird bruises that I can't remember getting all the time. I've never had a black eye, unless having one done with makeup for a movie counts
- Changed who you were to fit in: Yes definitely, I'm a chameleon, a Zelig.
- Single/married/love slave?: Love Slave
- ...for how long?: Eleven Years +
- Favorite feature: His beautiful eyes, his hands, his feet, oh God his voice. He's got great hair too. His uh, yeah, that too...
- Secret fears/hang-ups: That he'll fall in love with someone else and leave me. That he keeps sexual secrets from me.
- Romantic wish: That we could find some way to live together.
- Most lustful thought/desire: That we could make love on a train in a sleeper car, and outside in the rain, and at night under the stars, and on a beach.
- Closing thoughts: Nope, too tired from taking this quiz.

Hugs, Jacqui

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