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Hi Everybody,

I've been meaning to write for days. An amazing spiritual coincidence happened last week when my LJ friend Tara, tarakay here on Live Journal, went to visit my family's little mausoleum in the old cemetery in their home town of Hamilton Ohio, took pictures for me, and left peonies, (one of my absolute favorite flowers), for them on the exact anniversary of my father's death, without knowing it was the day he died. We had talked about this ages ago and I had forgotten all about it, when out of the blue she wrote to tell me she had gone and done this.

I'm convinced she was acting on some psychic impulse or spiritual connection with my father. If we were to leave flowers for my dad anywhere on that day, that would have been the place. He was so much more connected to this cemetery than the one where he was buried. My dad wanted to be buried back in Ohio in his family's plot, with his beloved mom and dad, uncle, little brother, grandparents and assorted relatives, but my mom insisted he be buried here. If he has a connection to any burial plot it won't be to the one here, it would definitely be to the one there, and I was feeling so guilty that I hadn't visited his grave and left flowers for him.
Thank you Tara! I'm so grateful to you, and to think you're pregnant and feeling rotten. Well, it's just the nicest thing someone's done for me in ages and I'm so moved.

My adoption/abandonment issues are up for me today. I just finished watching Daughter From Danang that I rented from Netflix. It's about a young woman who was given up by her mother when we pulled out of Vietnam during Operation Baby Lift, which is when the US airlifted two thousand Amerasian children out of the country and gave them to parents back here for adoption. In the documentary the daughter travels back to her country of origin but finds her mother's emotional and financial needs smothering and overwhelming so she rejects them. It's really sad and was very upsetting for me to watch. I wanted her to embrace her mother, return her love and offer whatever she could in the way of assistance.

Then after Scott left I turned on the TV and happened upon Flirting With Disaster, another adoption related movie I really love with great actors and terrific writing and directing. It has Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni, (I love Tea Leoni, I think she's amazing and so underused and underrated. I hope Spanglish will give her the career boost she needs, she's just so much more interesting than so many of the teenie bop actors that are hogging up all of the prime acting real estate these days, I boycotted Bad Boys II because she wasn't in it,) Patricia Arquette, Mary Tyler Moore, and there are some hilarious scenes with Lili Tomlin, Alan Alda and the actor who plays their crazy son Ronnie. Oh and this is the first movie where I noticed Josh Brolin. There's even a scene with Mary Tyler Moore in a black bra and panties giving head to George Segal and then flossing her teeth afterwards. I just think if you're quirky like me you should rent it if you haven't seen it. There are so many good lines, I wouldn't know where to begin trying to quote them to you, or if they'd make sense out of context, but I'll try.

Ben Stiller on the phone to his adoptive mom played by Mary Tyler Moore:
"I have to go, we're going to be with the Schlichtings?"
"You're going to be with the shit kings?"
"No, the Schlichtings, they're my parents."

After Lili Tomlin's son accidentally doses an FBI agent with acid, his dad played by Alan Alda says:
"I want you to apologize for this."
"All right! I'm sorry that I put Windowpane in Mel's quail and you ate it."

Ben Stiller walks in on Josh Brolin and his wife, Patricia Arquette in a compromising position:
"What's going on here? You know what, let's just stop this right now."
"You haven't been treating her right."
"Oh you know what buddy? You have a lot of nerve. You come in here, you lick your wife's armpit..."

Lily Tomlin and Alan Alda are making love in a seated position with flower leis and bells and their son interrupts them;
"Have you ever heard of knocking."
"I'm just looking for some weed."
"You, you find your own weed."
"But I'm just soooo bored."
"Honey, you'll make friends soon, you just have to be patient."

Moving on, I love all of this alarmist terrorist warning insanity, not. What are we supposed to do with this information, put it in the same pot with all of the plastic sheeting and the duct tape? Stay away from shopping malls, bridges and the San Onofre nuclear power plant? It's so depressing and scary and I'm already all abuzz with anxiety every day. It makes me think how right Michael Moore was in his premise for his documentary Bowling For Columbine, that we're this nation of people who are living in constant fear. I can't wait to see Fahrenheit 911. I wish they'd hurry up and figure out how they're going to release it here.

On a completely different topic I saw Mary Kate Olsen, the more brunette of the Olsen twins, at a little restaurant in Century City the other day. I said, "Congratulations on your star on the Walk of Fame, sweetie." She was very polite and said, "Thank you very much." She looked super thin and was dressed the way super thin people dress, in tons of layers, sweatpants, a long sleeved shirt with another shirt on top and then a tank tee on top of that. As I stood there talking to her I thought, I can't believe this little girl is a billionaire, she's probably the wealthiest person I will ever meet.

I found our missing possum. She had been hiding behind a piece of furniture and I finally found her last night when I walked into my dressing room and a glass plate kind of lifted off the ground of it's own accord and flipped over. I just dove in after her and tore the room apart pushing furniture and stuff everywhere. I was so happy because she's been missing for more than two weeks and I was so worried about her. She wasn't so happy about being found though and promptly bit me on the thumb, piercing right through my fingernail with one of her sharp, pointy, little teeth. It's not that bad really, I'd trade twenty of these little bites just to have her back again.

I guess I've been watching a lot of TV lately but I'd also like to add that I recently finished watching all twelve of the first and second season episodes of The Office and I think it's so damned good and funny. I really enjoyed it. I love watching episodic television this way, one right after the other, no waiting and no commercials, this is definitely the way to go.

I am so anxious and tense tonight, bleh. But wait a repeat of Eddie Izzard has just come along to save me, yes, brilliant! Awwww, British comedy, it's better than Valium for a frazzled little sensitive bee like me.

Oh and the second part of our HGTV show that was supposed to air tomorrow, Wednesday the 26, has been pushed back to mid-June for some reason. I'll let you know when they give me a definite air date.

Big loving late night hugs for all of you,

PS: Aha, I just wrote to the producers of Daughter from Danang because I want to donate some money to the family, (when I get some, and after I send something to Cydniey -- we've been pretty low on funds lately and are limping along to the first when my rent comes in), but then I found the address on the website;

To make a contribution to Mai Thi Kim, Heidi’s mother in Vietnam, please make check or money order payable to:

“Interfaze Productions – Mai Thi Kim”

Send to:

Interfaze Productions
Daughter from Danang
2600 10th Street, Suite 411
Berkeley, CA 94710

For more information call: 510-548-3699

or email: daughter_danang@igc.org

Thank you for your compassionate support

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