Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Pals, Kinda weird slow lazy day. Cancelled my lunch date, never went back to bed, but I did spend time wiht the ferrets, sun birdie, cockatiels and now the bunnies are up hee running around my office so I guess it was a day for them.

I'm falling into an I'm not using my new treadmill rut, das not good, so I am giving you my commitment to use it for twenty minutes today and I hope you guys will hold me to it. You know in fact how about we help eachother wiht commitments by checking in on eachother and encouraging the keeping of them.

Oprah's back on, this is my favorite show in the whole world, it always makes me cry. I love her so much. I want to do good and be successful and be like her. It seems like just yesterday I was telling you about last weeks Monday angels show and now here I am again. The people who won it this week were this wonderful couple who raise children and have adopted over two hundred children. Oh my, big copious tears. Now they ae talking about a woman who accepts used wedding gowns and resells them, using the money to grant the wishes of women who have breast cancer. Television just doesn't get much better than this.


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