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I did so much yesterday, and on so little sleep, that I feel kind of hung over and wrung out today. Plus my neck and shoulders are so tense because I have this bad habit of tensing them up whenever I do any kind of circuit training/weight lifting, then I end up in pain for days afterwards. I am going to have to find a way to work around this because I'm going to be going to Curves a lot and I so don't want to feel like this every day.

All I wanted to do yesterday was stay in bed because I feel/felt so rotten. I think my guy gave me some kind of bug on his birthday -- we knew he was getting over a soar throat sinus thing -- but how could I turn him down on his birthday?

I had to get up early to go over to Atra's house because when we went for a walk the night before she told me that she needed my help with something. Turns out she was treated badly at Osh and needs me to fire off a letter to the general manager and the human resources department. We had tea and visited, I love going over there. Her son Aryamen is going to give Beau piano lessons this summer, me too, I hope.

Afterwards I went to Blomingdales because I had bought some pants on one of those presale prepay deals where you pay upfront while getting a future sale discount, only you can't take your purchases home until the day of the sale. They're wild and flowery and pretty, in pink, fuschia, yellow and orange, colors I used to hate together.

Bloomingdales was a madhouse, no parking, tons of people, clothes, shoes, and accessories laying in piles all over the floor, great big lines of people waiting to claim these fifteen dollar gift cards for every 100.00 spent. There was even a live band that was pretty good. When I left they were doing such a good job covering this song that I didn't want to leave and it hung around with me, playing in my ears for hours. Beau told me that the kids at his school call this an ear worm.

I went, of course, to the large size women's department with my trusty credit card in hand -- thank God I went to Friends Only so I won't have to deal with any "well meaning" loyal readers coming along and "kicking my ass" for my own good any more. Anyway it was a whopping good sale, for the people sitting in a vault somewhere counting dollars for Bloomingdales. I spent too much money buying too few clothes that I convinced myself I needed for our upcoming trip to New York.

Afterwards I went for my second visit to Curves where Hannah showed me how to use all of the machines, changing stations every thirty seconds and dancing on these bouncy little platforms in between them. Then we went to the stretching area where we did ... stretches, and then I tried to hula hoop.

Then I picked up Scott and we went to the same NA meeting that I went to last week and we had a moving, spiritual, loving good time, or well, I did, Scott looked exhausted. The Angelina Jolie look alike secretary, (she was a sweetheart), brought the cutest little dog with her and he would sit on the table or on a chair and perk up his ears and cock his head just like he was listening to everyone and might raise a paw at any moment to tell a story about rehab or his latest stint in jail.

Afterwards we grabbed a super late fast food dinner, (don't worry Taco Bell beans are made without lard and are recommended by my WLS), I dropped him off and then went back to Atra and Arta's house to give her something I had exchanged for her at Bloomingdales. Arta was finishing his late dinner so I sat and had tea with them and then we played that game where you put a bunch of dots on a page and draw lines to make boxes, and tic tack toe. Then we all went for just about the longest walk I've ever taken.

I even got Beau to work on his room with Anna and Esther, woohoo, and they actually cleaned my little bathroom, (we had sorted all of the magazines, papers and books the day before), and my closet. It felt so good at night when I got to come home to a relatively, (definitely relatively because with all these pets what can you expect, really), clean home.

So here I am with the biggest pain in my neck, a headache, a stomach ache, a sore throat, and diarrhea. You needed me to fill you in on that last one there didn't you? Well, I figure I might as well share it all, now that there are only about seven hundred of you who can read this ; )

Oh God Anna is driving me mad. Things have been steadily improving here with her, thank you God, and she tries so hard and means well, but I have to go lasso Beau for her because she doesn't listen to what I tell her to do. He has tutoring now and I've got to light a fire under him.

Do you think it's okay if I don't force myself to do all of the gazillion and one things I had planned to do today? I don't. But I feel so crummy, I swear, I just want to lay in bed. I doubt I will though, especially because we have another cat in the hospital, (Cio Cio), my watch has stopped working and needs a new battery, I have this letter to write for Atra, and so much e-mail to try to catch up with. I have to go to the market and get some fruit and veggies, I promised myself I would go to Curves tonight and then do something about my aching neck, maybe go to the manicure salon where "Snow" can give me a massage along with that pedicure I've been needing to get for a month now -- these little rhinestone flowers are so chipped and weird looking at this point that you would never know what they had been to start with, maybe pink clouds with stars? Oh and I should look for the darned camera cord that would allow me to transfer images from my camera to this computer so I can start putting pictures up again for you. I've been feeling too wounded and grumpy to link any vintage postcards of cute kids, cats, or naked French women.

I'm resenting like hell the fact that I felt forced to take my journal to Friends Only mode especially when I know I have so many readers who don't have journals and won't be able to read it now, and then there were all of the people I met yesterday, and at the meeting last night, who asked me for the link to it. Hey, maybe I'll switch back and forth between Friends Only and Public just to fuck with people. You know, blink an entry in and out for the hell of it? "Wait, didn't I just see something about her having diarrhea? I bet she isn't eating well, I'll alert my little team of journal persecutors ... oh darn, it's gone."

And I'm really pissed off at this stupid little girl who forced Scott to change the name of his Westside Song Circle to the Westside Song Group because she seems to think she has the right to own the word circle combined in any way with music. As Scott so aptly put it, people have been sitting around singing in circles since the dawn of man, or at least when they weren't being chased around by dinosaurs, clubbing each other to death or having sex.

Jest Grousing,

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