Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Leetle Darlings,

Does anyone have any tips for me for our trip to New York? We'll be there for a little over a week at the end of this month. We're staying at the Waldorf. Where should we go? Any favorite restaurants, shops, museums, attractions, plays?

In my fantasy we spend an experience packed week seeing and doing everything we can; we go to the swap meet, the museums, find secret or super pretty little hidden spots in the park to take Beau, and do some of the touristy things for him that he's never done since he's never been there before, see the best plays, eat at great restaurants, get to tour some gorgeous private homes/apts., and find really cool places to shop for things we don't have here in LA.

I have a full blown cold thang with a pounding sinus headache, bleh, and just when I was getting into a mini exercise groove. If I feel well enough tomorrow I'll try to summon up the energy to go back to Curves. If not I'll make myself go Saturday and then I will have met my three times a week commitment. Actually I have until next Monday to do that but I'd like to go sooner.

I took Mom to lunch and Bloomingdales today and pushed her around in her wheelchair. She needs to use it but it's hard for her to admit this, she'd rather use her cane or her walker, but she just can't get around that well with them so this works better for her. She had a good time and I was happy to be making her happy.

My black half Sphynx cat, Mini Leon, is being really mean to my favorite, mostly blind, Devon Rex, tabby cat Jake. He just kind of shouts and takes a swipe at him whenever he tries to come near me. He kind of explodes into this loud yowl, and it comes out of nowhere, so it scares all of the rest of the cats and me too. It's shocking. He also took a whack at poor little Zazu and all she wanted to do was come by for a petting. Mini Leon wants me all to himself, cats, they're so different from us while being so similar at the same time.

Even though I wouldn't eat it because I'm a vegetarian, I bought chicken soup from my favorite little cafe, Clementines, today. I got one for Anna to take home to her family tonight, one for my neighbor Karyn, a big one for Atra and her family, and one for Scott. It's supposed to be good because it has gruyere cheese in it but I wouldn't know.

I'm watching a movie that has Adrian Brody in it. He's so lovely. Every time an actor as quirky looking but soulful and gifted as he is makes it in this business I send out a grateful prayer and feel a sense of hope.

Cio Cio, (our first Sphynx cat, a calico who used to be super fat), is still in the vet hospital. I waited all day for them to get back to me to tell me whether we should put her to sleep or not, whether she has any chance of surviving whatever it is that's messing up her brain. I don't have any experience with whatever it is that is happening to her. She can't stand and her head lolls over. It's breaking my already broken heart. If we do wind up having to put her to sleep I'll take her baby, Baby Angel, to visit her one more time. They're so close, I don't know how Baby will make it without her, just like Twinkle and Sparkle.

Esther's son, my old pal, Eduardo is graduating from Uni high school tomorrow so we're going to go celebrate with him. I can't get over the fact that he is all grown up now, no longer that little chubby kid who used to live with us.

Okay, well, just checking in. Much love and a weird earache -- Jacqui

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