Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Darn It I Missed My Own Show

This is our dining room, but just like me, it's constantly changing. So now the green cubby piece has doors with chicken wire in them, to rotect thigns from flying around the room in the event of an earthquake, and that green piece on the right has glass doors on it so you can see things inside.

Oh man I missed the second episode of Country Style that we were on. : ( I've been sick with some kind of flu cold thing and pretty much laid up. I managed to drag myself out to get cat litter and look at bikes. I need to get a new one to ride around the neighborhood, bike to and from Curves, and take to Burning Man. I was feeling too horrible to get that long overdue pedicure I've been wanting to get, and the watch store was closed so I couldn't get a battery for my dead watch, and the vet never called me back so I wasn't able to find out if it would be alright for me to visit Cio Cio. So I came home, lay down on the bed and watched my Netflix copy of Sylvia. That's probably just what I was doing when the show was on. Did anyone see it? They don't tell you when they run repeats, but maybe I can call one of the producers.

I spoke with my friend, the magazine editor/stylist, Sunday, yesterday. I had been dreading talking to her because I knew she wanted to set up a date to come shoot the house and that means working like maniacs to decatify everything and dress things up. I told her that I won't be ready to have them over until the last week of July or the first week of August and she agreed to tell Woman's Day that if they want to do this shoot with me they'd have to wait until then, yeay. They wanted to save some money and cut her out of the garden part of the shoot so I told her to tell them I wouldn't do it without her. They consider me a minor celebrity and want to use me on the cover of this special design issue that will be on the stands next December. Since it involves an interview and a complete house shoot, I think it might be good publicity.

I just deleted a whole paragraph of material that felt too personal to share publicly because I had already decided this entry would be a public entry rather than a private one. I don't know, I'm just kind of feeling my way through this, trying to divvy up what I want to put out there for everyone and what I want to keep closer to my heart.

I got my latest copy of Artistazine today. It's so great, I love it. It's so inspiring it makes me want to contribute something to it, either art or an article. I imagine a lot of people feel this way.

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