Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I lost out on this dress of my grandmother's, darn it. I made the enormous mistake of writing to the person who was bidding against me and letting them know how badly I wanted it and why. Instead of backing off it just alerted him or her to bid higher. When I checked his or her feedback there was a really bad one right on top. I so wanted to go bid up all of their auctions just to get even but luckily my sanity returned and I remembered that all is fair in love and auctions. Still hating him though.

Here's a link to the ATC playing card deck that I contributed a card to. It's going to be in Somerset Studio Magazine in September, yeay Tracy! It was so much fun. I love making these, and I'm much better at it now. I was so used to working in acrylic liquid on acrylic but now I've got the hang of just glue sticking things together for these cards and they look a lot better.

I bought a new bike today but I didn't get to bring it home and ride it because they needed to hang on to it to add my girly basket, light, water bottle cage and oooh I hope I didn't forget to remind them that I wanted a kick stand.

I swear I am so totally the opposite of all the serious bikers that go to these stores. Everyone is completely tricked out in these serious Greg Lemonde Tour de France bike outfits with their Shimano this and that, while what I want is the wacqui beach cruiser look, a wild fuschia colored bike with windy tassles, a fake fur seat and Hello Kitty plastered all over it. I wound up getting this super sedate bike that will serve my exercise and transportation needs but will need some serious ride pimping before we take it to Burning Man. Maybe instead of purple and pink and red, I could go for wild greens with moss and red polka dotted mushrooms and faeries.

I wish I had the courage to paint my car the wild weird ways I dream of. For some reason I feel like it has to be a vintage car like a VW van in order to give myself permission to do that. I want a VW van, you know like the sixties flower child kind, that I could paint similarly, lots of rainbows, clouds, and trippy foresty details.

I finally got that pedicure I needed. At least my toes are the color I'd like my bike and car to be, fuschia with flowers and rhinestones.

Somebody needs to tell these cats that there is no real reason for them to be peeing all over the place, it just works against them and pisses me off, because when they mark stuff they get kicked out of my room and that's the opposite of what they were trying to achieve with all their peeing in the first place.

Cio Cio is still in the hospital and I feel like I'm just delaying the inevitable. I should probably have her put to sleep but I can't bear to do this if there is a shred of hope that we can save her. We're going to go see her tomorrow and take her daughter Baby Angel to visit her to see if that will help. I've been putting that off too because I worry it will be super painful and stressful for all of us, bleh, sadness.

Happy Belated Father's Day everyone, and happy belated birthdays and happy current and future birthdays everybody : )

Tense necked late night hugs, Jacqui

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