Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

6/24/04 Delta Flight 554 to New York

Hi Everyone, We're on our way to New York now and are somewhere over Colorado. We're flying Delta, first class. This is the first time in more years than I can remember that I haven't suffered the humiliation of having to ask for a seat belt extender and the tray actually fits over my lap. I've been looking forward to this moment for so long.

Oh great, major turbulence. They made us fasten our seat belts and everything is bouncing up and down so hard I can barely type. The worst turbulence I ever went through was on a Virgin Atlantic flight to London -- I was so scared, but everyone else took it in stride. We don't fly that much so we're easily frightened, while other people are completely blase about shaking around from side to side and up and down in their seats. Oh phew it's smoothing out a bit...nope, spoke too soon.

There's a cute guy sitting next to Mom who just leaned over the seat to speak to me. He's got his Trio cell phone/Palm thing and a laptop and was wondering if I was using some kind of satellite link to read my mail. I told him that no, I just downloaded it last night. Nice guy.

Oh man bumpy flight, wooh, nausea, better check in on Mom she'll be frightened, I was just going to say that as long as the flight attendants are still struggling to serve our meals that I know we're okay, but the captain just made them sit down. Beau is sitting next to me watching Scooby Doo Two.

I brought along Bergdorf Blondes thinking it might make an apropos read for this trip.

We'll be staying at the Waldorf Astoria. We booked basic rooms but the general manager's executive assistant kindly wrangled an upgrade to a two bedroom suite for us and that'll be nice for Mom. Because she dated Conrad Hilton, (Paris Hilton's great grandfather), and his assistant, (who later went on to become the president of Hilton International), harbored a secret, life long crush on her, but couldn't do anything about it because she had spurned his boss, we always got upgraded whenever we stayed in a Hilton. Now that everyone is long gone, I thought it would be nice for Mom if I called and told them the whole story and tried to do something for her that would make her feel special, a fruit basket or something. Big grateful hugs for Kathy for pulling this off for us.

Mom met Conrad Hilton, who she still calls Connie, at a party his attorney, who was a friend of Mom's, was throwing in Los Angeles. Because she was beautiful and very self supporting, with her own business and a big factory in downtown LA, she piqued his interest. He asked her if he could come visit her at her factory and when he did he made her take out her financial statements and went over them. Then afterwards he said, "Well, now that you've shown me yours would you like to come see mine?" So Mom went with him to his apartment at The Town House, which was a hotel in LA that he owned, I don't know if it's still there, and he got out his statements and showed them to her.

They went out several times after that but everything back then was very chaste, or at least with Mom it was, and they never kissed, although not for lack of trying on Hilton's part I'm sure. Mom was only in her twenties and he was in his late fifties so she was worried she would look like a gold digger, oh man I wish she had been a gold digger, then I would be one very wealthy gal right about now. He took her to a party one night where everyone there was older, all of the women were in their fifties as well, and the gals kind of cornered her and with beady jealous eyes asked her how long they had been "dating." When Mom said, "Oh no, we're just friends," I can just imagine the relief they must have felt.

Anyway after that they remained friends and Mr. Hilton's young protege kept tabs on Mom and stayed in touch throughout the years until at the end of his life he was calling her twice a day declaring his love for her. I love these stories about Mom and she has many of them. Never having been besieged with wealthy, handsome, successful admirers I enjoy hearing about her life and living a bit vicariously through her glam past.

Okay well, I'm feeling a bit sick here trying to type on a bouncing plane so I'll catch up with you all later when we're safely tucked away in our hotel in New York.

Mile High Hugs,

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