Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I Love New York!

Happy Belated Fourth of July Everyone!!!

We're still in New York. It's wonderful and none of the negative and all of the positive stereotypes apply. The city is fabulous, the people are kind, there is so much to do every second of the day and night. Even the cops are nice. I just love it and wish we could stay forever but our airline tickets are paid for and we can't exchange them or we'll have to pay a huge penalty.

Beau and I so want to go see Irma and the kids in Boston, or visit friends in Ohio or Minneapolis, but it just isn't going to happen this time around.

The fireworks last night were the best I've ever seen; beautiful, endless arrangements of color, cascades and showers of light, explosions, whizzing fizzling things, burnt paper and smoke flying through the air. It went on and on and ended spectacularly -- the kind of thing that made you want to go, "Huh, take that you Fucking terrorists. Happy Fourth of July! We're here, we're proud get used to it!"

We walked from our hotel at 50th and Lexington to 42nd and FDR on the East River. There were thousands and thousands of people and cops jammed together on bridges, on streets and highways, standing on benches, out on balconies and roofs, it was this huge mass of people, and yet it felt completely safe. The police did an amazing job at crowd control with their barricades. I thought there was a chance people could get squished against the fences or fall off overpasses but no.

You could tell that the police were a little frightened of their daunting task. I spoke to a bunch of them and one of them said, "Hey, if you think you're afraid today think of what I gotta live with every day. We got helicopters out there. We got boats. We're doing the best we can."

When they went off, they went off suddenly and in unison from all three of the Macy's barges. Everyone screamed and then they cheered. It sounded like bombs or cannon fire, and the blasts from the fireworks echoed off of the buildings behind us so for every firework there would be two loud reports. It was definitely exciting and a little scary. Beau loved it.

I've written two long journal entries and lost both of them. I brought our laptop and had been writing on that and was just about to put it up but decided to wait until I could upload the photos I've been taking, to go with the text. The next day Beau wanted to use the computer and he must have done something because it crashed. I'll have to wait 'till we get back to have it repaired. Cross your fingers for me, I have so much date on there that I haven't backed up.

Last night I spent a precious hour, (seriously, when it's this expensive to fly and stay here ever moment is dear), writing another entry using this horrible TV Internet thing in the room and when I was almost finished it ate the whole thing. So now I'm sitting in the business center downstairs near the lobby and this woman is kindly letting me use the computer without having to pay the .80 a minute they charge the business men.

We have a beautiful corner suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big marble entryway with a little kitchen and an enormous living room with a fake fireplace. My bathroom is one of the prettiest bathrooms I've ever seen. It reminds me of my friend Karen's old house in the Pacific Palisades that was built for Constance Talmadge by Irving Thalberg in the thirties. The dressing room is so big it could easily be another bedroom.

The hotel is lovely, everything very Art Deco, lots of marble and gilt and mosaic tile floors. While I am, of course, grateful to be staying here, I prefer hotels like The Mercer and W with their modern clubby style. This is much more stuffy and old fashioned but Mom and Beau are happy and that's all that really matters. I have years ahead of me to come back and stay at other hotels.

We've done a lot of the traditionally touristy things for Beau; seen the Empire State Building at night with it's unbelievably moving views, been to the park, taken a horse and carriage ride, visited China Town, Soho, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, seen a Broadway Show, (Hairspray, fun), went to Time Square, Union Square, The Natural History Museum where we saw three terrific exhibits, and had tea at the Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel.

We saw the Blue Man Group and visited the Public Theater but couldn't see much because it's dark in the Summer since all the action moves to the Delacorte theatre for Shakespeare in the park. We tried to get tickets to David Letterman or any other shows but they're all given out by lottery months in advance. Wicked, which is the hot ticket in town now was sold out and any of the plays I'd like to see are too heavy and serious for Mom or Beau. I took Beau to Caroline's and he had a blast. We laughed our asses off for more than two hours.

We had dinner one night at La Grenouille one of the city's finest French restaurants where I had the good fortune of complimenting the owner's mother, who had been having dinner at a table next to us, on how chic she was. If you want ever want to ingratiate yourself with a French man, especially a celebrity restaurant owner, be nice to his mother without knowing who she is.

We went to Canal Street and bought fake designer handbags for very little, and of course, Bergdorfs, Saks, Barneys and some of the stores along 5th Avenue. Mom had her hair done at Elizabeth Arden's. I went to mass at St Patrick's cathedral.

We paid our respects by visiting the site of The World Trade Center disaster and saw the plans for the memorial and the building they are going to erect on a corner of the site. It's going to be the biggest building in the world -- another Fuck you to anyone who would dare try something like this again. I'm telling you, you have got to respect New Yorkers for getting back up again, for having the balls/ovaries to build another skyscraper right where the other two stood, and they're doing it with love and respect for the fallen and their families. There will be a wall of names with a water feature that represents tears, a garden or grave site, and an area called Footprints that will have a hole that you can look down into.

Today we're going to take the subway to battery park to see The Statue of Liberty in the rain. I don't know where we'll have dinner. I had wanted to go to the park again and see the museums today but I can't get Mom or Beau out of the room. Part of the problem is that we have so much fun at night that we never want to go to sleep.

We've been having a wonderful time and I really hate to leave, but I miss Scott and all of our animals. I hope everything is alright at home. When I get back I'm going to have to hustle to make the most of the rest of the Summer for Beau. He has tutoring twice a week and wants guitar lessons. I have the whole house to clean up before Sunday and the photographer come to shoot it for the cover feature of a special Woman's Day Magazine design supplement.

Well, that's about all for now. I'll catch up with all of you from home.

Big loving hugs from Manhattan,


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