Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I made these images for a pal so I thought I might as well share them with all of you. These are the Louis Vuitton Theda bags that are so hot right now. The one on the left is the limited edition Swarovsky crystal Theda and is going for upwards of seven thousand whopping dollars, and the one on the right is a copy of the pink canvas Theda. I like the crystal one, of course because there's no way I'm ever going to have it, and I also like the night Theda that I don't have a picture of. It has satin fabric and doesn't use the ostrich leather. I don't want any leather at all if I can help it.

This whole purse thing is so stupid though. They come out with a new must have bag every season and everyone rushes like lemmings to buy them. I mean what will Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez do with their Murakami collections now that they aren't the hot bag anymore? Give them away I guess.

I can't help but get sucked in. I saw these copied on Canal street and wish I'd bought some to give to friends. Afterwards at Saks I saw someone carrying one and that's when I developed this wee bag craving. It's just that these bags are in and out so fast it doesn't make sense to me to buy the real ones. Not that I could afford to if I wanted to.

Oh man I just had a conversation with someone that went South fast, sigh. I can't talk to my friend when he's high, it just doesn't work. He's ultra sensitive and slowed down, and picks fights with me. Drunks do this too. Robby used to do this with me, yuck.

Despite the fact that it's obvious he's trying mightily to act normal, it's just so fucking obvious that he's stoned and I'm too easily triggered. Bleh. I hate this. And the hurtful/sad thing about this is that he thinks I'm the one who's being unfair and intolerant, not that he's being weird or self centered because he's high. I wanted to be with him tonight but he chose to be alone with his favorite friend and then he calls me and gets upset and tells me that my gently asking him to let me off the phone because I felt uncomfortable was, "disappointing." Now we're going to have to talk about this and work it out tomorrow and I'll be worrying about this all night.Fuck, this shit drives me crazy.

Well, this will be one entry I won't make public.

I was just going to write that I bought two tickets to a private sushi party for fifty friends of Mr. KABC and April Winchell on eBay. It sounds like fun and the money goes to support April's million dollar fund and Project Angel Food.

Okay I guess I'll just slink off depressed and try to get some sleep somehow. Damnit, I wish I'd never picked up the phone, sometimes it just isn't worth the risk.

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