Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hiya Gang,

I'm watching a movie about Vietnam with Bill Paxton while trying to keep Curly from peeing on the floor by the door to my dressing room. I got home a little while ago from a late night trip to the market. Scott and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then we went to his apartment and watched Six Feet Under, The Entourage, Ali G and part of Def Poetry Jam.

I lost out on this cool Kramer fly pin on eBay. I love vintage costume jewelry, especially anything bug related. I wish I'd bid more for this but I can't afford it so it's just as well.

I didn't get to tick off as many of the things on my overly long To Do list as I would have liked to, but I did get some things done. Tomorrow I swear I am going to be a get it done machine woman. I HAVE to find a good plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, upholsterer and seamstress. Anyone know of anyone wonderful on the West Side?

Here are just a few of the things I have to complete for the Woman's Day magazine shoot in two weeks;
Buy outdoor plants to fill in the bare spots in the garden and to use in the old fashioned drinking fountain.
Talk to Tom, our wonderful gardener and friend, about bringing in some more gravel for the walkway and decomposed granite for the pathways.
Find painters and have them paint my bathroom and the front gate and picket fence. Everything else can wait until after the shoot. Do painters refinish countertops? If not find someone to refinish wood countertops.
Buy fabric to make new slip covers for the living room furniture and give it to Esther.
Arrange collections in living room.
Call Dennis, The Woodwards contractor, Gina's contractor and Barry and get bids from them on finishing Beau's bathroom.
Ask Karyn for the name of her handyman and Sunday's handyman, maybe one of them will be able to fix the pocket door to my bathroom.
Create new tags for my baskets in the master bathroom and laminate them.
Freshen up the ribbons, buy new ones, iron the old ones.
Rehang Chinese lanterns, dust off the old ones.
Get a decent plumber to replace the broken glass sinks.
Buy new bedding for my bedroom.
Ask Jen if she would be interested in drawing flowers on my head/black board.
Hang hats back up.
Put squeaky kitties back.
Adopt Chinese or African American daughter -- oh just kidding, that can wait until after the magazine shoot.
Clean crystals on kitchen chandeliers and dress them up with more.
Arrange salt and pepper shaker collection and kitchen collections.
Call valance gal and have her make valances for kitchen/family room, living room and my room.
Decide what paintings to hang over Victrola and hang them.
Have plumber fix leak under island sink, disposal, Instahot and water filters, dishwasher.
Have someone make a kick plate for the base of dishwasher.

There's so much more to do, this is just what I can recall at the end of a long day.

I had wanted to ride my bike again tonight because I am seriously committed to getting exercise every day but by the time I left Scott, went to the market, came home and unloaded the groceries, it was so late it seemed kind of compulsive to make myself go out and ride it so late at night. I'll make time to go to Curves tomorrow. Esther's coming and hopefully we'll be able to get some work done around here, finally. First she was sick, then we had two days in a row where we didn't get too much done because I took Esther and Anna out to the gym one day and to get a massage the next, then Anna got sick, Esther's nephew Ronald had his baby and Esther had a kind of religious couples retreat this weekend. I so hope everyone is feeling better and we can focus on getting things done tomorrow. I really don't want to be freaking out at the last minute trying to pull it all together as usual.

Tomorrow night I'm going to have dinner at Mom's house with her friend Pat. They want me to bring over the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD I got and watch it with them. That'll be interesting, "Oh puhlease this is just a bunch of left wing communist propaganda." I just hope I can get the DVD player I bought for Mom to work with her ancient, (well, ancient in terms of technological changes), TV. I couldn't get it to work tonight, I'm hoping I'll be able to figure something out tomorrow, otherwise we'll be sitting around eating our Greek salads and spanacopitas while watching The Golden Girls or Matlock or something.


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