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This is a necklace I won on eBay, yeay! I thought it would go for so much more and I wouldn't wind up getting it but I was happily surprised when I did, yeay. They had these, or necklaces that were similar to this one, but not as nice, at Bergdorfs in New York but they were mind blowing expensive. So many people bid on this. I don't get how people don't know they should use snipe programs to bid and are just forcing the price up and tipping people off by bidding early. I want to tell everyone, write to them and give them bidding tips, but then they'll just be better at beating me out on stuff, so I have to reign in my friendliness factor.

I am soooo tired. I stayed up really late last night. I went to Mom's for dinner, (Oh man one of the cats just farted, yuck, Buki or Jake I think, or it might have been Lucilla, she has a kind of sly satisfied look on her face), and we wound up watching Love Actually because I just couldn't get her DVD player working properly with her old TV, and I needed to find something sweet and wholesome for her to watch. Of course I would have to go and forget that there was a whole storyline between two porn star stand ins. Mom's friend Pat didn't exactly dig that and cut out early. Oh well, I tried.

I didn't get your helpful Radio Shack advice until too late but thank you so much for thinking of us. We're going to get her a new TV anyway. I went to Best Buys tonight to get one for her but I was so sleep deprived that the sheer volume of TV choices overwhelmed me, (HDTV, flat, plasma, the size, the brand, the price), so I just decided to come back when I was a little less tired and better able to focus. I was able to focus on the cute French Bulldog named Meatball, (Adam Sandler had a dog named Meatball), who was sitting out front though. I love petting dogs.

Anyway last night was a bit on the stressful side because Rosa, Mom's housekeeper who you may remember I have had some troubles with and don't exactly trust, (I think she's a bit conniving and ruthless), has been pressuring me to help her ask Mom to loan her eight thousand whopping dollars to pay the Coyotes who are bringing her daughters across the border. Rosa went home to Guatemala recently for a little two week vacation and two days before she was due to leave, her oldest daughter, who is eighteen, told her that she was pregnant. Well, as could be predicted with Rosa, she had a complete fit, screamed, cried, fainted, and then she forced the guy who got her daughter pregnant to marry her. Then she got her eighteen year old daughter, her fifteen year old daughter, and the guy and dragged them all here knowing it would be better for her grandchild to be born here. Mom is furious, but finally agreed to loan Rosa the money.

It was really awful. I don't really like Rosa, she's screwed me over so many times, but at the same time, I am super sympathetic to the plight of these women and men who come here to make money. I know that in a Latin Catholic family abortion or adoption are just not options so what could she do? So I'm glad my Mom agreed to help her out. I don't know what would have happened otherwise, these Coyotes are dangerous and ruthless. The stories I could tell you, oh man, they'd break your heart.

Afterwards I was driving home and I passed The Bel Air Hotel and saw some people coming out and thought, "Hey, I'm dressed up, I don't have anything to do, why don't I go in and have a cup of tea and some cookies or something." So I did and I had a great time.

I love the Bel Air hotel. It's so pretty and elegant with the gardens and the pond with the swans. I've been going there since I was pretty little since we've lived up the street since I was nine. I used to walk down there with my friend Lorraine because we had so much time on our hands and nothing to do. We'd hike around in the gardens and spy on the weddings. It was just something to do.

Last night I went to the lounge which is next to the bar. There was a man playing a baby grand piano, old songs from the thirties and Gershwin and Cole Porter. He was so good. It was just a lot of fun to be there. But when I got home I was so wired from the tea that it took me hours to get to sleep and then I was run down and tired all day today because of it. I have to go to sleep ASAP because we have painters coming at 8:30 to paint the picket fence, the front gate and the kitchen. We've moved the cats to my room and the back house and I don't know what we'll do on Thursday when they start painting my room and my bathroom. Oh well.

I finally managed to drop off the guitars at McCabes. One of the members of the band Alabama called to talk to the luthier who was helping me while I was there. There are always famous musicians milling about. There were some guys from a band that sadly I don't know, there, who were talking about Nika Costa. It still blows my mind that the cute little baby doll girl that I knew has morphed into this hot, groovy rock star chick. Life is weird that way. Anyway they were saying that they thought she was Frank Sinatra's daughter. I just couldn't just let that one go by. I had to straighten them out. She's Don Costa's daughter. Don Costa was an amazing producer who arranged music for Sinatra, Kenny Rankin and Quincy Jones to name just a few. He was very well loved and mourned when he died. I used to know Nika when she was a little girl. I had her little CD she recorded that sold super well in Europe, it was so sweet. I'd like to find another copy of that somehow. Her older brother Tano was my ex husband's best friend.

I love McCabes -- there's a vibe there that is just so mellow and music positive. I never ever go there where I don't hear someone playing something beautiful on a guitar. I go into a kind of trance where like a black bird who gets distracted by shiny things, I get distracted by the music and just kind of freeze and lose track of time. I dream of being able to play guitar like some of these people. How could you not be happy if you could create music like that?

Afterwards I went to Helen's Cycles and discovered that there's no way I can salvage my old bike. It would cost just as much to get a new one as it would to fix my old one up, it's that thrashed, so I bought a new one.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to any of my pals here who have posted over the last couple of weeks, I have been so swamped. I'll try to find some time tomorrow. I've got painters, a carpenter, and a curtain gal coming. It's amazing how much change you can get going in your life once you make up your mind and simply put things in motion.

I still have mountains of things to do...

Do you guys know if when I add people to my friend's list if it will unlock previous entries or if they will only be able to see Friend's Entries from here on out?

Love you guys,

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