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Hi Everybody, I'm at my favorite Boba House getting a milk tea boba and a cheese crepe, yum. They don't usually make cheese crepes here, just desert ones, but they make it for me when I bring the cheese to them that I buy from the Japanese market next door.

Beau went to stay with his Dad at his new apartment in Malibu. I'm glad Robby is getting it together and finally has his own place in a safe neighborhood. He got a great deal on this one bedroom apartment and says he's just across the street from the beach and can see the water from his living room. He must have been sick of sleeping on his friend's couch.

I went to the Los Angeles Country Club for dinner last night with Mom and Scott. We went to get a jump on Mom's birthday celebrations by taking advantage of the free birthday dinner that members get. I'm always kind of torn up and conflicted about these private clubs that my parents have been taking me to since I was a baby. A part of me loves the tradtion, the exclusivity and the refined glamour -- of being able to go to this place that few other people can go to, and be able to order whatever I like and get treated like a princess -- and another bigger, more moral part of me, hates it for the very same reasons. I've gone through phases through the years of boycotting the clubsm refusing to go along to the various obligatory social functions like the annual Christmas party, the Easter Egg hunt, wedding and baby showers, cocktail and dinner parties, but like my belief that I should grow my armpit hair if only to defend the rights of women to define themselves as feminine with all of their naturally growing body hair, and thereby giving this brainwashed, male dominated society a kind of anti-misogynisitc finger, I've kind of mellowed and given in. I justify my going by thinking, "Well, there are some African American, Asian, and Jewish members now, and women can finally wear pants so things are changing for the better," but in some ways it's still a struggle for me.

I'm slowly but steadily ticking off things on my enormous To Do list. I purchased fabric and found a nice gal who is going to sew up all of the cushions, pillows, vallances, my bedspread and cover the little antique bench at the foot of my bed. I bought two car's full of plants, set them around the yard, and got Tom to come and plant them all in for us. I called and spoke with Kitty B. who was a doll and offered to help me get ready for the shoot, but she's so busy I can't impose. I got painters to paint the kitchen, refinish the counter tops, repaint all of the metal doctor furniture that was so hot a few years ago but that hasn't held up and eventually turned rusty, my black chocolate vitrines, and next up will be my bathroom and bedroom. I got Three Day Blinds to come by and measure for new blinds that will be installed next Thursday. I had Bay Screens come and measure to replace the ripped up screens. I have a carpenter and an electrician coming next Monday to do all of the basic house repair work and that's about it. We're just cleaning and dressing everything else and we're pretty much on track.

I have to clean and rehang the Chinese lanterns and make new tags for the storage baskets. I need to dress the dining room cabinets and clean up the powder room -- make sure it looks good, and the porch is looking pretty good.

Tomorrow I'll go to my favorite flea market/swap meet and see if there are any little last minute proppy things I can buy, and afterwards Scott and I are going to see my old friend Karen Kandazian in master Class that my friend Simon levy directed at The Odyssey theatre. it's closing tomorrow so I just squeaked in at the last minute. My best gal pal Susan said karen was so good she cried. Susan is very experienced and trained -- she's a tenured professor and the chair of the entire theatre department of a big college so when she says she likes something I know it's gotta be terrific. But even if she didn't tell me that it was good I would know that it would have to be. I acted with karen at the Fountain Theatre in Orpheus Descending and she blew me away every single night. How she can be out there working her ass off in local theatre and not be a big well known name just kind of reaffirms my disappointment and lack of faith in this business.

I so have to go. using their one computer here is like standing in line at a payphone -- there are many anxious looking boba customers breathing down my neck.

love you guys,

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