Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Feeling Tired Worried and Bleh But I Still Like Cheese

Hello My Darlings, I'm just testing something here, this is just a random photo from Smugmug -- a Tracey Long's photos of her aquarium. I'm testing it to see if I can deep link with them because I like the look of their site. If it doesn't work out I'll stick with Photobucket for as long as it takes for me to figure out how to use my Cute FTP program to upload pictures to my site when I'm using this laptop. I don't know why I can't configure it from this computer.

I'm listening to Mr. KABC and April Winchell on the radio. I bought tickets to a sushi party that she threw about a week ago to benefit Project Angel Food but we didn't realize the info about the party would come in the mail instead of on line and I had the flu so we missed it, darn it.

I haven't seen my Scotti in a whole bunch of days and I'm feeling a wee bit insecure about it. He's been busy and I've been busy so we haven't been able to get together. I miss him. I don't even know when we'll see each other because tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and when I'm not with her I'll be trying to get things put back in order at my house after the painters leave. Man, they've left a mess.

And then there's the whole, What the hell am I going to do if the Animal Control officer makes good on his threat and comes back next week, and if he does when will he come, drama. This whole anonymous reporting thing has had me so upset and frightened. Why would someone do this to us? Did my neighbor Martha do this to us or could it have been someone else? My biggest fear is that it may have come from someone in Live Journal land. All of these experiences have made me fee so unsafe and shut down here.

Oh man I'm so tired. I just got off the phone with Scott and I'm too wiped out to write any more. I had wanted to write about my day -- share it with you, but I just can't.

I'll try to check in tomorrow. I have to take Mom to the hair salon and then to a party at night and in between I have a whole house full of stuff to put back and arrange.

My Jakey cat was so cute tonight. I loooove him so much. I am mad for this cat, mad, mad, mad love! I love my Buki too and he's not looking too good. Any time one of the cats starts to look weak or sick in any way I panic and think they're going to die. Oh bleh, I can't keep going, I have to lay down and I want to check and see if this picture posts.

Big late night hugs,

PS: Funniest thing I heard all day -- the older receptionist at my Mom's hair salon saying, "If I had a dime for every time someone told me they'd like a blow job, I've be a very rich old lady."


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