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I'm finally back at the Holiday Inn after dropping Mom's friend Pat off at her sweet little apartment, and then taking Mom home. We went to a little film screening/dinner party at The Colleague Room at Bergamot Station. An old friend of Mom's, Louise Good, (she was Louise Currie then), who I have always known as a dynamic interior designer, was an actress in the forties and was in something like thirty films. They had set up chairs facing a little screen and showed clips from all of her films. She was in a Charlie Chan film and there was even one with W.C. Fields. She was sooo pretty and teeny tiny. You won't believe this but at ninety-three years old she still looks fabulous and is completely alert and full of energy. It just occurred to me that her husband might have been the man who did the flowers for my wedding.

Anyway there was a bar and a table with cheese, chips, French bread and grapes, and there was a full bar. They had a popcorn machine. Afterwards we said hello to Louise who was touched that Mom and Pat showed up for her, she had thought only about ten people would come and was surprised that there was such a huge showing. Then we all went outside to this little garden area and had dinner.

It was nice seeing so many of Mom's old friends. I used to see these women a lot when we would work for this enormous charity sale that was held each year to raise money for abused children and their families. We would work several days a week for months getting ready and then we'd take over the whole Santa Monica Civic auditorium and people would line up for hours to get in and then basically stampede. When they'd open the doors the people would literally charge in towards our tables, the ground rumbled when they came in. There were so many people massed around our area, all shouting and fighting, trying to buy things from me, that it was overwhelming and thrilling. Oh man do I miss that sale, it was amazing -- the things you could find there and for so little money. Now we do a series of mini sales and the annual fashion show luncheon that's always on Valentine's Day.

I met a woman tonight who was wearing the most amazing green and gold necklace. It's going to be hard to describe but I'll do my best. It was a choker made up of ropes of braided gold strands and the center of the piece, the part that rests at the base of your throat was this confection of opals and jade surrounded by this kind of fiery molded gold. I grabbed her as she passed our table because I have never ever seen anything like this necklace, and it made perfect sense when she said it was a one of a kind piece commissioned by her parents for her graduation from Tony Duquette the famous interior designer. I think I may have met him a few times but I didn't know what an amazing, interesting, gifted man he was back then.

My Mom knew him well -- went to parties at his house, saw him around town. If only I'd known how much I would have wanted to meet him and see his house, she would have been able to call and take me : ( Pat said that he helped a friend of hers decorate her little apartment just after the war, when they were really too poor to afford him. She said he covered their sofa in burlap and sequins -- that it was scratchy and uncomfortable but so stylish and pretty. After he died there was a big sale at Sotheby's or Christies and there were so many lovely things, he was a nutty collector, amassing tons of things for the hell of it, like me and a lot of my swap meet friends.

I gave Mom her cute little rhinestone evening bag when we had lunch together at a French/Japanese bistro that I like. We were going to go to the Bel Air Hotel after the Colleague party and had planned to give her the rest of her gifts then but she was too tired and bowed out.

I just took all of my usual pills and vitamins with tea and little Japanese cookies, "Delicious Pie" they call them. It's been a loooong day. I was going to hang out with Scott late tonight and was so looking forward to seeing him but I'm wiped out and have to get up early and start all over again tomorrow.

It's disorienting being away from my home, staying in a hotel when my house is so close I can see it from here if I were staying on a higher floor, going home every day and then coming back here again to sleep. It's so strange being away from Beau and the cats. But I am so allergic to any kind of paint fumes, my immune system is so sensitive, that it's just safer for me to be here, especially since I'm already super sick and feeling like this virus turned infection has settled in my lungs and were it not for the antibiotics would turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

It's amazing how a little, (and in this case it's really just a little), time will give you perspective. I'm feeling better somehow, still sad about Oliver dying and having to give away my ferrets, still worried about this threat that's hanging over our animal family, but I'm just kind of moving through this, putting one foot in front of the other and doing what I have to do to survive. I don't even feel safe enough to be completely open here, regarding what I'm doing to protect myself and our pets, on my journal, even behind the protection of the Friends Only setting. I'm not certain who it was who "complained" about me. All I really know is that I hate them, fiercely, passionately, and I wish them every little bit of seriously bad karma that's coming to them for doing something so mean, meddling and cruel.

Okay, I'm off to bed. I hope I didn't upset too many of you with my post about not knowing what to do about the election. I wouldn't vote for Bush, I've just been having a hard time finding my way towards Kerry. I'm having a really hard time trusting people, for all I know he called the Animal Cops on me. I haven't had a chance to get back to everyone who wrote to me about this. I haven't been able to keep up with all of your kind comments, I read them and enjoy and appreciate them so very much, I've just been swamped.

Today I was multitasking so hard that I found myself steering my car with my knees. There I was driving to Mom's with a cell phone wedged between my cheek and my shoulder while trying to use my Palm Pilot, eat, and put eyeliner on at the same time. It was like this all day, just do, do, do, non stop, and it didn't help that Anna and Esther were pissed off at each other and taking turns complaining about the other one whenever they found an opportunity to talk to me alone. Esther may be burned out, worn out, lazy, defensive, seriously overweight and out of shape, but she's been my friend for years and Anna is nuts and can't communicate to save her life, not even in her own language. If you looked up the word special in a dictionary there would be a picture of her there.

One of the things that someone said to me tonight at the party that caught my attention and has kind of stuck with me is how much he admired Louise for being the kind of person who never says an unkind word about anyone. He said that in all the years he's known her she's never once said anything negative, she says, "I guess I was just born happy." Wow, wouldn't that be nice, to feel that way, to be able to live like that?

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