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This is just a little photo that perfectly captures my sentiments for whoever it is who keeps endangering my animals and causing us so much grief and stress.

Hello My Darlings,

This is another one of my friend Cheryl's photos. She sells really cool vintage photos on eBay, I think she calls them...oh hell I can't remember what she calls them, but they're basically candids that for whatever reason turned out to be super

My wonderful, sweet, neighbor and friend, who just happens to be our mail carrier, called and suggested I get the training I need to be a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, of course, why didn't I think of this before? I mean it was always kind of there in the back of my mind rolling around but I never acted on it. I'm always doing it anyway and this way no one could threaten me or my rescued wildlife when all I'm trying to do is a good kind deed anyway. Plus it would be better for the animals for me to know more.

Years ago, before Beau was born, I had a cable show that won some awards. It was really groundbreaking at the time. We broke all kinds of footage that no one had ever shown on television before. It was an animal rights program and it veered from being very hard core where I interviewed members of The Animal Liberation Front to more typical rescuey shows. We had monthly live call in shows where we'd duke it out with the mean callers who would say things like, "There's no way you're a vegetarian, you're way too fat," and I'd give them hell. I even had Rachel Rosenthal on and we chatted about loving rats. Oh what a cool woman she is. Ana you would LOOOOOVE her, she is so you!!!!! She was old then I'm amazed that she's still going strong now but I really shouldn't be. We just went to a party for a ninety-three year old friend of my Mom's who looks and acts so young.

The reason I bring it up is to say that it was that long ago that I could have had licensing of various kinds. A friend of mine who owned a chain of pet stores and vet hospitals offered to give me his animal advocate course for free, but I was working then, working so much I was racking up the overtime hours, and when I wasn't at my job I was running our home, dealing with my parents, auditioning, and producing these shows. In my little spare time I was keeping tabs on my husband thinking this would somehow keep him from cheating, le sigh as my friend Jen says. I think it's Jen who says this.

Well, I have a bunch of questions to fire at you and then I really need to go. I have to do my hair, get made up and pick out the clothes I'm going to wear for today's picture, bleh. Oh and I have to get a memory stick from Best Buys and buy the photographers some beer, they love beer. Plus I don't want to miss too many of the set ups because even though they're giving me Polaroids I really want to be able to have my own digital shots to share with all of you. I completely blew my chance to do that yesterday and it just won't be the same.

Okay here come some random questions;

1.) I love talk radio but all I can find during the day on the AM dial are conservative programs and I think they're polluting my mind. Can anyone recommend alternative shows that I can pick up on AM or FM in LA during the day or night? I'm okay from about one AM on, and there's always Phil Hendrie and Mr. KABC but I could sure use some funny or similar minded thinking folks to listen to.

2.) Do any of you guys have Palm Pilots and if can you give me some advice? I have a m515, should I upgrade, and if so what model do you dig? How do I get rid of, or delete freeware and shareware programs that I downloaded ages ago that no longer work? Is there a site you can recommend for safely downloading programs, and what are some of your favorite ones? How do you keep the units from turning themselves on and draining the batteries or messing up your data when you put it in your purse or carry it around? Mine always turns itself on and no matter what case I buy for it, it's even worse with a case. I'm wondering if one of the newer models might have a longer battery life and not do this. What do ya think?

3.) Most of the time I'm too lazy too remember to, or want to hassle with, the headphone piece for my cell phone. I read an article in a medicine journal that said we are indeed frying our brains with microwaves when we do this? Is that true and what do you do about this?

I just heard on the radio that a mother of five and the president of the PTA at her kids elementary school was arrested for having sex, oral and otherwise, with two sixteen year olds. I don't know whether to be shocked and appalled or say, "You go girl, rock on mama."

I heard a bit of Slim Whitman's Una Paloma Blanca on the radio today and thought it was so funny, I wanted to share it with you but I can't seem to find a link to a playable version on the net for you, oh well.

Okay me gots mucho stuff to do.


PS: I wanted to win this dress on eBay so badly. It would have been so perfect for Burning Man but another buyer outbid me damnit. I kind of felt badly about all the feathers anyway and I didn't want anyone to think I was making fun of Bjork because I think she is sooo cool and I loved that she wore this wacky thing to the staid Academy Awards, I love it when people shake things up.

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