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Hey Gang,

I'm back. There are so many people voting this year. So many of my neighbors were at the voting location.

God, please don't let Bush win!

If any of you guys are in the west and haven't voted yet please, please get out there and vote. The polls are still open, it isn't over yet. You don't want Bush appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court do you? Do you love the death penalty? Is it okay with you that our next president is an alcoholic? Do you want to go back to life as it was in the 1950's?

I'm so upset and frustrated. My boyfriend never votes. It's so hard for me to just sit back and let that be fine with me. I don't want to judge him. I love him and want to give him room to be himself, but this just drives me up a sticky wall. I mean everyone I know votes. I don't get it. The Republicans are out in force and the people who should be voting, the people who are liberal and compassionate, are also the slackers who sit at home and weakly claim that their one vote doesn't mean anything. How ridiculous is that in an election like this?

How do you guys deal with stuff like this? If you had a partner who wasn't passionate about something you were, what would you do? I just decided not to get together with him tonight because I don't want to be grumpy and mean or angry. I don't want to be upset. I think it's a healthier choice to be with myself.



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