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Our Woman's Day Shoot Photos

Hey Buddies,

I finally edited all of these pictures of our Woman's Day photo shoot for you. These are just my digital shots and not the shots that are going to be in the magazine although some of them are pretty similar. What I want to do is scan all of the Polaroids and share those with you because they're the actual shots, but I just don't have the time, ack. Anyway I'm going to put a few up at a time and then I'll put more behind the cut. I think I'll do this in three posts so it won't be too hard for people with slower browsers to view the pictures behind the cut : )

Here's the gang on my porch. This is an example of what not to do when taking a portrait shot, but I wanted to get a shot of them so you could get a feel for what this looks like from my end, despite the fact that the light is behind them and I knew they'd be a bit too silhouetted.

I've known Sunday, (she's the cute gal on the left), for about ten years or more now. She used to live in my neighborhood. She's a magazine editor and comes out and acts as the stylist when they do the shoot. We're going to work together styling some houses I have in mind to pitch to some magazines.

This is the same team who came out and shot our house for Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine a couple of years ago. They are so funny and so much fun to work with. Mark, or Dutch on the left turns out to be the son of old friends of my parents which accounts for his conservative bent. His Mom is Beverly Lohman of Lohmans. Too funny -- small world. The guys like beer and the newspaper. Give them a good German lager and a copy of The LA Times and we can take all the time in the world dressing and futzing with a set up.

Yep, it's me, yours truly. They took two different shots of me, a series out on the porch and another one in a red rocking chair in our family room. I like the indoor ones much better, I look thinner there, but I didn't get any shots of these to share with you other than the Polaroid so I'll have to put that up.

I picked up that old green book I'm "reading" at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market two days before. It's an old book about spaceships and aliens from Mars and Venus, with pictures, diagrams and descriptions -- very cool.

Sunday took this shot over Mark's shoulder. For someone who loves theatre and film as much as I do I'm amazingly shy and uncomfortable being photographed. It doesn't help that I'm missing teeth and still waiting for the dentist to make the fakes, but Mark kept making me laugh so I'd show my teeth. I'm just praying they'll Photoshop this, I can't imagine why they'd want pictures of a hicky looking gal with missing teeth.

Okay I'll put some more shots behind the LJ link and then I'll come back and create a couple more entries.

This is a funny sign that I found at the flea market a while ago. I like it because it's green and white, graphic, absurd and came from a golf course which reminds me of my Daddy. I think it's really funny but it drives some of my neighbors crazy. I've had so many complaints. It was funnier when it was February but now that the months are actually the same as the ones on the sign people are asking me what kind of business I'm running and advising me not to because it's against the law, sigh. I live in a neighborhood that is just way too uptight for me.

I doubt they appreciate the cow either. We call her Bessie. I remember when I first moved in here, a certain neighbor was always coming over and trying to control me -- control what I put or planted in my garden. Can you imagine that?

Here are some of the different types of lettuce I planted around Bessie. I thought it would be nice for her to have some fresh garden greens to chew on.

I can just imagine what they must think of the pool ball border. I got this idea from Kitty B. who has the coolest pathway in her garden. I wanted to do something similar but before I had a chance to add in all of the broken crockery and garden tools that I was going to mix in with the pool balls, Tom, our gardener, had planted babies tears in between them.

Here are some herbs I planted by a boxwood hedge that I planted a few years ago. I planted basil and rosemary. I would love to plant catnip for the kitties but our neighbor's cats who get to play outside won't let me do this. They come over and rub it down to the roots and then dig them up and toss them around.

These are some flowers that are by the porch. I've had that turquoise pot for years, my Mom gave it to me, but no more because Mark broke it lugging some equipment out to his truck at the end of the day : (

I think these old chalk carnival prizes are so colorful, whimsical and cute. I buy them when I can find them, but when you have lots of pets and kids tromping through your house and garden they don't last very long.

This is my little round cofee table that we usually use for craft projects. The lighting wasn't too great for this shot but I wanted you to see how sweetly Sunday set this up.

Sunday is such a babe. I don't think any of my pictures do her justice but she looks so terrific, she's always so tan, fit, bubbly, fun and cute. I love her!

Okay I think that's more than enough for one entry. See ya in a minute : )

Hugs, Wacqui XOXOXO

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