Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hey Gang,

How are you all? How did you survive the hurricane? I've been so worried about my LJ friends who either live in Florida or the Carolinas or who have family there. I haven't seen any footage on the TV today because I've been running around taking Mom on errands today, but I was glued to The Weatehr Channel all last night.

I'm updating from my favorite Boba house where I'm getting, of course, Boba drinks; banana strawberrry frappe with Boba for Beau, milk tea with Boba for Esther, her sister and myself, and an unsweetened iced cafe latte with Boba for Mom. I wonder why I keep capitalizing Boba, maybe because I love it so much. The password to sign on to the computer here is, of course, "I love Boba."

I added more blonde highlites to my hair today just for the hell of it. I really prefer to be a dark brunette but every few years I break down under the constant pressure from my Mom and bleach it. I think it looks kind of typical, dried out and ugly.

I got a terrific deal on our RV rental for Burning Man through Scott's law firm because just happen to represent the enormous RV company I'm renting from.

Uh oh, hvae to go, impatient Mother in car. Be back later.

Big loving hugs from your pal,

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