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The Tiny Gnomes On My Teeth

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I can't believe I got Tom Petty! Tom Petty wants to bang me how many times? Did you see this Scott! I'm the luckiest grrl in the world, woo, woo, woo! Talent wins over babeishness any day.

I have to go say goodbye to a friend who is heading back to London tomorrow or I'd chat yer ears off, yep.

I took Esther to the dentist today and she needs so much work I started crying. I just feel so bad for her that she doesn't take care of herself and puts everyone else first. It makes me feel so crappy and ashamed of myself that I waste my money on stupid things when she needs so much. I mean I know we all make our choices and it's all about lessons, but my lesson in this is that taking care of friends is more important than doing a lot of impulse buying at the swap meets and on eBay, sigh.

When Ray (my dentist who is so cool) was matching up my bleached teeth to his chart I told him that bleaching them hurt worse than anything I've ever experienced in his office. Since I love analogies I told him that it felt like there was a gang of little gnomes in my mouth chipping into the tops of my teeth with tiny little pick axes. After we picked out the color for the bridge that he's going to order from the lab he said, "...and we'll just keep that whole thing about those little men, or elves, or whatever they are between us." I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants because I didn't realize how odd it must have sounded to him that I had used this analogy for the pain -- he's probably never had a patient describe dental pain with bands of miniature elves before. Plus he said it like I was just way, way, way off my sanity rocker and then to top it all off who should come in for the next appointment but my beloved friend and therapist, so I told her about the whole elf thing and she was laughing so hard he asked me to leave so he could work on her teeth.

She's way crazier, wilder and more creative than I could ever hope to be and here was our normal, sweet, conservative dentist Ray filling her in on this strange thing I said like, "Oh boy I don't know about this crazyness of Jacqui, you might want to check into it Miss Therapist," without knowing that she's consumed more drugs in her day than anyone he's ever met and could conjure up dancing dental gnomes in some sudden halucinogenic flashback. The only difference is that she'd actually think they were there, in her mouth, picking spotted mushrooms or something ; )

Okay, off to say bye bye to Guila.

One of my very best friends on the entire planet, in fact my oldest friend, Karen, is going to have her tummy tuck tomorrow. It's actually a bigger deal and a riskier surgery than the stomach stapling that I had and the lap band surgery that she had. Will you send her some Reiki, prayers, love, healing vibes, candles, white light, etc.? Please? Thanks so so much.

Big loving hugs.
Your Pal -- Wacqui

PS: So depressing -- all of the three people on my LJ Friend's List who had birthday's today had already eliminated me, and I still haven't gotten around to adding the people who just asked me to add them. I can never keep up with this, I so want to though and I remain forever hopeful. Why can't I just keep hoping that I can love everyone and that we can all be friends? I have so much love to give, I know that sounds corny, but I do, lots and lots of love, oodles of love, just not enough time to let people know this : )

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