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Oooh look at this one, yum, yum, must have : )

Okay so I promised Esther's demon story. For those of you who don't keep up, Esther is my weekend illegal alien assistant pal. She's from Guanajuato Mexico. She has two kids. Eduardo by her first partner who never married her, and wouldn't be there for her in any way, and Andrea by her very delicate, occasionally abusive, alcoholic, current partner Hugo. Eduardo is thirteen and a really great kid, as far as naughty teens go, and Andrea is a sweet but
spoiled, vain, demanding, and tantrumy five year old. I really love both of them. Hugo I could do without, he lost my respect and support when he drove drunk backwards, down a busy street, speeding and careening, whirling around and ending up passing out in his truck on my front lawn. I've tried to get him into AA but he's too Latin macho and messed up.

In a way I can sort of see why she stays with him. He's good looking and charming in the same way my ex-pig of a husband was. I try not to compare him to animals because I think it's unfair to the animals but every once in a while it just comes out that way. So anyway Hugo is her thin, somewhat good looking, sometimes funny, but generally fucked up and way too selfish and inconsiderate mate. Sunday, Esther was over here helping to strike all of the Halloween yard decorations and Hugo was home with Andrea who wasn't feeling well. When he woke up in the morning he thought he should go get her medicine for her but just as he tried to sit up he felt this tremendous presence, a heavy weight, sitting on his chest and holding him to the bed. He tried to struggle free of it. It felt malevolent to him and he was terrified. He struggled and struggled and finally broke free of it's embrace.

He got up from the bed, sweating and terrified, and made his way shaking, to the kitchen. He worried that a demon had come to get him. It could be the family curse. His grandfather and all of his male heirs had been cursed when he had abandoned his young witchcraft practicing mistress to return to his wife. Or it could be our ex-housekeeper Coco, and her sister, who blame Esther for her firing, and have promised to get even with their Santorian black magic. Whatever the case, he felt that something had definitely happened to him, it was too real to have been a dream.

He got Andrea's medicine and went back to the bedroom and was about to enter when the invisible demon grabbed him once again. It engulfed him and began squeezing and choking him. He started crying and shaking and sweating. He started to cry out for help, "Eduardo, Eduardo alluda me!!" (Eduardo help me!) Eduardo who had been sleeping on the couch woke up to hear Hugo screaming his name and ran to him. he grabbed him and they toppled over. At that very moment something started pounding heavily, insistently, on the front door, and then moments after that on the windows of their house, but when Eduardo ran to look outside there was nothing there. When he opened the door all he could see or hear was a howling upset dog. And there you have it, Hugo's demon story.

Of course I'm thinking DT's, but I do remember hearing stories about people who are held down in their beds by some unseen force, and there's the whole thing about walk in spirits taking over the bodies of people who are weakened or who don't inhabit their bodies strongly. Eduardo and Esther are convinced it's something real. They took Hugo to church. They brought holy water home and blessed the house, but Hugo is still a wreck and won't be left alone anywhere for any reason.

The end of another weird little story.

What do you think? Has anything weird ever happened to you. I saw a bouncing ball light on the 405 Freeway but that's another story.


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