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Written 8-28-04 but posted today from Burning Man. We're having a wonderful time as always. It's challenging, but awesome. I'll share my next few posts as soon as I edit them and find the time to upload them. I am covered head to toe in playa dust...

Well, hello my darlings. We're definitely off. I just woke up. We're at a rest stop in a gorgeous mountain pass just north of Santa Barbara. Even this ugly rest stop with all the asphalt and cars and these big trash containers, can't dim down the beauty of these mountains and the natural gold and green colors of the plants and trees that grow on them. When I got out of the RV to stretch my legs a bit I was awestruck by the view that I had expected to be ugly. There was a thick mist hovering in the air near the peak of these two mountains across the freeway from our motor home and there were black birds soaring above me. It was breathtaking. I took a picture but I kind of doubt I can capture the beauty of it.

I say this every year but I tend to forget that a big beautiful part of the experience of Burning Man is the hard work, the endless preparation, and the journey it takes to get there. I usually dread the drive and end up loving it. We meet so many wonderful and unusual people and see so many animals and sights along the way that it makes the long hours of driving worth it. Plus there's the added benefit of getting to spend time with my sweet son who as he is getting older is spending more and more time away from me, as he should.

Normally we'd be further along than we are now but we decided to take a kind of side trip in the same direction by heading up along the coast instead of driving along the Grapevine, which would certainly be more direct. We want to go to Cambria which is one of our favorite places in California -- well, at least the parts of California that can easily be reached from LA by car. I promised Beau that we would come back when we were there last year and the year before so thinking we would get away sooner I planned to stop at Moonstone Beach where we want to gather Moonstones, or little bits of agate that everyone there mistakenly calls moonstones, and visit our favorite Inn and pet the cat. It's Beau who wants to pet the cat. Have I raised this child to be a cat loving vegetarian hippie freak like his Mother or what? He can wear all the dark somber clothes he wants but the fact is he is on his way to Burning Man and he wants to pet cats.

I do miss seeing all of our fellow burners as we drive along the highway. We seem to be the only people headed out this way with wild hair and bikes stuck to the back of our RV. Everyone else looks pretty California normal, if you can all anyone who lives here normal -- people waiting for an earthquake to come and break off the coastline. But we'll see plenty of our fellow lunatics as soon as we leave Cambria and rejoin the main highway towards Sacramento and Reno. I'll take some pictures so you can see what I mean. As strange as I may seem to my neighbors and friends at home, with my pile of colored Frieda Kahlo hair, my pouffy skirts and bras, black stompy mud boots, pink and black stripy socks, wings, and my pretanned/sunburned skin -- I have got nothing on these folks. I wish I did.

As always it took us days to pack up and get ready for this journey and we're still not done. We still have to hit the market and a Best Buys to stock up on much needed supplies. I did manage to buy about a hundred condoms late last night at a Longs. I just couldn't bring myself to buy them at my local pharmacy. Aside from the expense I could just see myself standing there with all those uptight Brentwood folks, and my piles of blonde dread extensions with all the bits and pieces of green and pink strips of tulle, sequins and thread, stacking up a couple hundred condoms on the counter, and it just didn't feel like something I would be able to breeze through without explanations. So what did I do instead? I went to a Longs at midnight and felt compelled to explain myself to a man with strange sucked in cheeks and the line of semi-angry customers stuck behind me.

Hopefully I'll find some time to throw up a few pictures of my hair and our journey so far. I'll try to hit a Starbucks or some kind of cafe with Wifi along the way. I've heard that we actually have Wifi on the playa at Center Camp so maybe, if this computer holds out, I'll be able to update and share things with you life from Burning Man. That would be heavenly.

Okay, we're off...again.

Big loving hugs,

PS: As usual I'm feeling guilty that I didn't find the time to add people who asked to be added back when I posted pictures from the magazine shoot of our house. I'm so sorry! Please chalk this up to a combination of stress, busyness, lack of sleep and the ADD that I have had all my life, but was only diagnosed with as an adult, that plagues my mind : ( I really do mean well. I don't want to exclude anyone who wants to be a part of my journey, and can respect my few boundaries, but time is forever slipping away from me. Add me and I'll catch you using Sema and add you back if you've got a real journal. Or if you're someone who reads my journal but who doesn't have a journal of your own, write to me (jacquiscloset@aol.com) and I'll consider building you one with one of the many free codes that I've accrued during the many years I've been using Live Journal. You have to have a journal to log in from in order to read my protected entries. Even my friends need to do this, which accounts for why they sometimes think I haven't been updating -- they forget to log in. I had to make a big part of my journal Friends Only for my peace of mind.

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