Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

9-13-04 On the Way Home

Hi Everybody,

I have no idea where we are, well, I don't know what city we're in, but I do know that we're about two hundred miles north of LA in a crappy, dry, flat RV park. We left Meadow Vista late yesterday and I drove as far as I could stand to before I finally pulled in here for the night. I am having a hard time understanding why anyone would want to come here for a vacation, seriously, except for the cute little bunnies we saw running around last night, it's all weeds and heat. Maybe I'll feel differently about it when I get up, stretch and walk around. I can always find something to love about a place.

Yesterday we took our RV to a park near Mara and Phil's house in Auburn to dump our tanks because they were so full they were backing up. You honestly don't want to know any more than that -- grey and black water tanks are the worst part about an RV, oh well, that and backing up into things like cars that park right behind you, low hanging branches and mountains that seem to come out of nowhere ; )

I kind of liked that RV park, mainly because the people were so funny and quirky. I've been thinking, (because I'm really not sure if I'm perceiving this correctly -- I might just be projecting this), that people seem nicer the further away from LA that you get. It's kind of weird, and any time I mention where we're from invariably people will make a sour face and say, "Ewww," and I'll just jump right in and agree with them. Isn't that strange?

I mean don't get me wrong, I love LA, I've lived there my entire life, and I really know and understand my city, but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the congestion and the expense. There are some things about it that I adore and can't find anywhere else, but I'm not loving the crime, the traffic, the daily hassles and stress, the ever increasing snobbishness and the meanness. It's weird spending my entire life in a city where everything and everyone seems to revolve around the GD entertainment business. I miss open spaces, trees, and people who feel like they have all the time in the world to just stop and get into long conversations with strangers. It's so weird to me that people do this that I find myself getting a little jumpy and anxious when it happens and wonder if there is something wrong with them that they would spend so much time talking to me -- I wonder if they're mentally unstable or something, and I'm the one person I know who will doddle and chat up strangers more than anyone I've ever met.

Getting back to yesterday's RV park for a minute, I did get to meet some interesting people, there was a family with a daughter with special needs who were there with their half Chihuahua doggy who we visited for a bit and another couple who had brought their NINE cats along with them and were taking them out for a walk. Imagine my happiness at running in to them.

I'm dreading returning to my life. It's been a great two week escape, something I have rarely been able to do without my mother. I'm not looking forward to facing the credit card bills, my debts, and all of the work I've left undone. I am looking forward to seeing my family, my mom, (apart from the usual financial stuff), my Scotty, yum, and our animal friends. I miss my friends as well, especially Atra, Arta and Maryam and their kids, they've become such a big part of my life now that I'm used to going over and visiting them almost every day now. I'm also looking forward to Scott's new home and helping him nest. I'm looking forward to his Jacuzzi and wondering whether there really is a cat living under his house that he could take in or if it was someone else's. I so hope it's come to stay. I wonder what kind of cat it is.

My lovely second degree burns are healing quite nicely. Most of the burns on my knee and leg are gone, they just look like small bruised spots, and even the worst burns on the front of my ankle and the top of my foot are healing. They're were pretty scary though and super painful. I've never seen blisters that big in my entire life and they kept going away and coming back again. Now they're just red raw and angry. It hurts a bit still but this cream they gave me, sulvidine or something like that, is amazing, and the two long soaks I took in Mara's wonderful outdoor hot tub/Jacuzzi definitely helped -- warm water is so healing, and so is Mara.

I'll probably be left with some scarring though but this is really nothing in the big scheme of things and I've been looking at people with terrible burns my whole life and feeling so much empathy for them. In fact, in another one of those wonderful miracles of coincidence, that I've spent the majority of my life calling Synchronicity without ever having completely understood the origin of the word or it's concept, the woman at the check out counter at Rite Air where I filled my prescription and stocked up on all the various sterilized pads, tapes and bandages I needed, had first and second degree burns all over her body. I hadn't even noticed them until she pointed them out. Apparently she had been terribly burned as a child and has been in and out of hospitals most of her life because of this.

Her mother had to work and had left her with her grandmother who hadn't been paying attention to the big boiling kettle of water on the stove and her curious granddaughter who reached up and pulled it down, spilling hot scalding water over a major portion of her little body. Her granny didn't think to run her to some cold water before tearing her pajamas off along with her skin and because of the severity of the burns she went into shock -- the little girl, not the grandmother, who was probably experiencing her own kind of shock. Anyway she recovered over time but showed me the most ravaged scars on her neck and jaw and up and down both of her arms. Poor lamby pie. But isn't it the most amazing thing when someone who has had it so much worse than you do, just appears like some kind of gift of providence and shows you how lucky you are because no matter what you may be going through, it could always be worse? Imagine if Beau had been burned instead of me -- that would have killed me. I would so much rather have anything like this happen to me instead of him and I'll bet any parent would tell you the same thing.

Now I can feel this, (what it's like to be burned), just that much more, which is great. I love being able to feel things myself so I can be that much more emotionally present and available for someone else. I'm framing this minor event as being a cool thing because I'll be able to point to my little scars and say, "Oh those? Yeah, those are burns I got at Burning Man."

Ever since the episode where the animal control cop showed up in my entry hall asking about our pets and the ensuing terror and chaos, I've been pretty leery about sharing any animal info on my journal. I still don't know if it was my nasty neighbors or someone here who turned me in. I'm pretty damned incautious about these kinds of things and it sure didn't help that I took a picture of "someone's" cat covered bed and plastered it all over every cat community on Live Journal. So I've been vacillating back and forth over whether I should tell you that I may just know someone who drove an hour out of her way to Carson City Nevada in order to get a couple of sugar gliders for her son. They are the cutest little creatures in all the world with their big dark eyes and super expressive ears.

There was a terrific old fashioned candy store there with great big enticing signs along the highway so I just had to stop. We watched them making taffy and fudge and I bought salsa and jalapeno brittle back for our friends at home.

I loved Phil and Mara's cats especially Fluffy, who is this big long haired tabby type who rubbed his chin all over me and gave me the love you head butt thing over and over again. I'm putty in the paws of any cat who does the head butt thing. He followed me wherever I went and I could not resist his feline charms. I even took him with me to the bathroom with me and he follows me to our RV parked in the driveway.

I was very lucky to get a powerfully healing and super deep massage from Mara yesterday. Mara teaches massage so it was like getting a massage from super therapy hands woman. Hmmm... now that I'm writing this I'm experiencing dejavue and am wondering if I didn't write about this already, argh, oh well. Lemme just smack the side of my very muddled head here for a minute -- there that's better.

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