Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Star Jones Terrific Emmy Host But for the Poor Murdered Chinchillas : (

I'm really enjoying Star Jones' hosting of the Emmy's this year, when I was so sure I would miss Joan and Melissa. I love Star Jones though. I'm happy for her, so happy, right on for big gorgeous intelligent black women. But Star, you have so got it going on girlfriend, why do you have to be so insensitive when it comes to fur?

Oh Gads Mariska Harguitay is on. She looks lovely in this green Vera Wang number with a long flowing chiffon train. She's such a good actor and I'm so happy for her, she plugged away for so long before finally making it. I can't help but be a little envious though as I sit here in my pink cotton night shirt while she's there on the red carpet. Not to take anything away from her because I really do adore her and wish her well, she was always a funny talented gutsy gal, from grammar school on. It's just a wee bit challenging when so many of the people you knew in school have made it in such a big way and you're just laying around procrastinating about it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to pull an old lady hat trick and make it when I'm eighty, age is the great equalizer, yup.

I wanted to say how much I was enjoying this one moment earlier, (before I got swept away by all of these conversations I've been having with my smart new little teenager pals on MSN -- I swear I don't know how people do this, but maybe it's because they aren't ADD'd out like I am), on E when Star was talking to Joanie and Dennis Franz and they had a little side window with a picture of Ellen D. with her arm around her gorgeous galfriends waist. I just thought, how wonderful, and how far we have come in my lifetime that this business that has been so closed and hard on anyone who is different in any way, is finally embracing people of all shapes, sizes, colors, types. Here was Star Jones who is not only a black woman, but a big black woman, which makes her a triple member of minority groups that have for so long been underrepresented on TV, rock on, and then there were two overweight, aging, somewhat-non-glammy people being interviewed, and this fabulous lesbian couple. I mean just look at all the nominations and support for Angels in America!

I'm happy for TV that we don't have to be Donna Reed fifties perfect and white anymore -- nothing against Donna Reed -- she was lovely and hard working. I'm just glad we're all of us included now and it will hopefully continue to move along like this and the business will become even more inclusive re. age, race, size and sexual orientation. Won't it be great when it becomes all about giftedness and personality instead of looksism and conformity? Now all we have to do is get people to wake up and stop murdering animals and wearing their skins around and we'll really be on the road to enlightenment in entertainment.

Oh YES!!! She took off the stole. I love you Star, seriously, I have been behind you every step of the way, (well, at least from the moment when you first hit my radar), but I am not feeling the fur thing. You have got to be bigger than that, seriously. I am going to have to do something about this. I need to make some kind of website with a list if people like Cindy Crawford who mistakenly think everyone has mellowed out to such an extent that it's cool to wear fur again. We will not rest will we my friends, perhaps it's time to get out the red paint again damnit.

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